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The ONLY Wonders of Mzark port officially approved by Trainwiz!

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In the docks of the northern oceans, sailors whisper tales of an ancient ruin, one unlike any other. A strange dwemer machine, that sits far out in the ocean, overlooking the far shores of Skyrim. And while the sailors tell these tales, history tells another. Deep within that ruin lies the last endeavors of the great lord of Blackreach. It says that Mzark, ruler of everything under Skyrim's mountains, left behind wondersuntouched for thousands of years, watched over by a group of strange sentient machines, who even now seek a worthy adventure to help them fulfill their purpose, and claim the lost wonders of Mzark!

Lost Wonders of Mzark is a quest/dungeon mod for those who prefer a more puzzle-oriented game. The enemies you encounter within must be disposed
of in careful ways, and you'll find more than just fights awaiting you in the depths of Mzarnumez. You might think of it like Dead Money, but for Skyrim.

-4 new quests that span several hours of gameplay, all fully voiced and scripted, and based around puzzles and hidden items.
-An enormous new non-linear dungeon, Mzarnumez, filled with wondrous dwemer contraptions. Huge foundries and robots, mineshafts, submarine bays, and vaults await within Mzark's greatest creation.
-New enemies to fight, from the invincible holograms, dwemer bots, and more! As well as mini-bosses and puzzle-bosses galore.
-New weapons and spells, explode your enemies with holostaves, project holograms to fight for you, or cause a massive amount of leeks to appear in front of you, if you're into that.
-A special artifact, not seen since Arena, which will let you unlock the secrets of the Dwemer.
-3 new armored robe sets, all geared towards magically oriented characters

To start the quests, head to the far ocean, to Mzarnumez (which is marked on your map) and press the button inside.

The Trainwiz ChronoC0da:
Wonders of Mzark is actually part of an overarching series of mods, beginning with Sotha Sil Expanded for Morrowind.
The following is an official list of the order the mods occur in:
  1. Blackreach Railroad
  2. Brhuce Hammar: Legacy
  3. Aethernautics: A Space Travel Mod
  4. The Lost Wonders of Mzark (you are here)
  5. Fyr Manor
  6. Dwemer Spectres
  7. The Wheels of Lull

Just plop it into your Skyrim data folder and activate the esp.

Conflicts and Tips:
-The mod will only conflict with anything that changes the far northern
ocean (north of the Wreck of the Brinehammer), most other things should
be fine.
-The hologram characters will automatically greet you the first time you meet. Don't exit their conversations prematurely, or they
might not work.
-This mod WILL be difficult. The enemies within have special ways of being defeated, but are often difficult to defeat
regardless. It is recommended you be above level 25 before trying the
mod, and also pay attention to the notes and your surroundings.
-Some areas (such as the Foundry) might slow down older systems at parts, due to their graphic intensity.
-The two knowledge cube recipes are not a bug, each recipe takes a different type of ruined book.

To Gilboron, for the voice of Mz.
To Stupid-Pants for the voice of Ar.
To Mojirio, for the voice of Ka.
To Deodorhan, for the dwemer textures.
To Rafuel, for the robe textures.
To lautasantenni and MrMino,for inspiration and resources for parts of the armors
To InsanitySorrow and Haishao, for the dwemer coins.

DarthVitrial's credits for the update patch:
themayor897: for numerous script fixes, and for fixing the numi boss fight.
Arthmoor: For advice and help in a lot of porting-induced problems.
PistachioRaptor - refactoring of the final boss encounter.
Gka1: for creating Cathedral Assets Optimizer
ousnius: for creating SSE NIF Optimizer.
0xC0000005: Book Records Fix xEdit script.
SirJesto: Script fixes and advice.