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Unique spider's spells to each with his own abilities, different combat stiles, a, package carrier spider, a light emittent spider with large area, mind control spider
wich attacks itself on npc and makes him your ally for some time and so on...
This mod is not a port of my LE skyrim, is a remake with format 44 plugin for SE.

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To get these spells simply buy them at riverwood trader. 
This mod takes all the spider's from the Dragonborn dlc and add's them as spell version each version of them, for sure there are other mods that may add just few of them for more easy crafting and so or add them as spells, but none of the mods seems to really do the right thing and give this little fellas the power and the respect that they deserve, so i decided to create something really unique, by creating a mod that puts all toghether but that is just a small part. 
1- Added new and fixed ranges of the explosions for each spider, for exemple exploding spiders will have a bigger explosion impact area than jumping spiders 
2-Jumping spiders were only by contact, now they have a very small area of impact too with proper damage 
3-Glowing spider lighting area has been potentially increased from default wich was 400 to 1000 
4-Fixed combat Ai of the spiders, spiders who are not made for fight will take cover and spiders who will fight... will have no mercy 
5-Realistic explosion tweacks, they will explod like some real small bombs so if u get caught too... yes thats right u will take damage 
6-Increased damage and tweacked effects to go allong side with range damage 
7-Cloacked spiders will be harder to kill than a jumping spider or a exploding spider 
8-Fixed skill mind control spiders were effective on npc with max 25 level... now is till max 100 
9-Race tweacks they now do more unarmed damage, more stamina more speed and some spiders like pack spider can carry more. 
10-Hp of glowing spider and pack spider has been increased and they lv up with player, so they wont die so easly at all, 
     this if we talk about hight level of vanilla 
11-U can still craft all the scrolls at dragonborn place of all versions with new templates and tweacked old ones 
12-U can use the spell's at any level any time, no need to lv up for some specific spells 
13-Voices they will talk sometimes when get hit or when they spot something, but is rare, this to make them more unique 
15-Alpino spider has alsow been tweacked and enhanced with more hp and damage since he is so rare 
16-U can have more spiders at the same time but this will depend by ur other mods and the soul perk mods 
17-In base of some specific enemy they may act and use new tactics, u know suicidal tactic isnt always the best so they can do good mele fights too 
18-Oil spider alsow has some new tweacks and improvements so he can cause... more boom! :) 
Should be compatible with anything because there is hardly a mod here that touches these spiders :) 
For anything let me know in comments.