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Attention! Mod can cause a strong addiction.Port to SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION original Skyrim mod Colorfool Magic by 184Gesu.Avialable all Edtions for English, Russian and Japanese language.

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Merry 2020 Christmas!

NOW this port fully regular, thanks gods.
This is port for SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION. I try to preserve the whole structure and atmosphere original mod and i do everything to Colorful Magic could be on the Special Edition, it's all for you, it's all forever free. The author's last words about the future development of mod clearly indicate that he is tired of his offspring and does not intend to touch him more. I took the responsibility to finish his work for as long as my strength is enough.

I'm riding on the edge of the 255 plugin limit and could recommend to you any of them. All of them are masterpieces without a doubt best mastermodding. But directly interacting with Colorful Magic only this THE ULTIMATE DODGE MOD. Unfortunately now it can only be downloaded from a Russian-language site. Also I would recommend to you changing damned terrible vanilla sounds of magic by this great mod.
Anyway thank you very much for downloading.

FEATURES (original mod page here Colorful Magic or here in old Nexus layout)
This mod adds over 345 new, totally unique spells more than forty equally
unique enemies, and a few magical items for the magic user.
Most of the new spells are destruction, which are very flashy and powerful.

-You can buy most of these as spell books from a mod added vendor and some
of the unique items can be obtained by defeating the new, mod specific

Four versions exist in Colorful Magic
You choose either favorite one, and, please install it.

Whiterun Edition
This Edition adds 50 enemies and new followers.
Merchants will be placed in Under the eaves of Arcadia's Cauldron

Winterhold Edition
This Edition adds 50 enemies and new followers.
Merchants will be placed in Winterhold.

Simplified edition
This edition is an extremely simple version not to add a enemy and follower to.
The thing related to craft is not added.
Merchant is placed in Arcadia's Cauldron.

Darkside Edition
This Edition are not adding Followers. Instead, they are added as an enemy.
And this edition only, enemies respawn.(However, there is the enemy who does not respawn.)
Merchant is placed in Arcadia's Cauldron.

Low Powerd ESP File
This is the Esp File which lowers the power of the Spell.                                                    
After having installed a main file, You choose one from this, and, please overwrite.

When updating from old version.
First, please try to overwrite install.
If there are any problems, please install it after a clean save.

When meshes,textures is not displayed
Please confirm the hierarchy of the folder.

!!!When you update or uninstall!!!
You must exclude aquamarine from the equipment.
And, please perform uninstallation / deletion after confirming that you was not stand on water.

Known Bugs & Issues
Lightning Teleportation does not work normally. Fixed in the 1.251 update
CTD near the Dwarven Destroyer. Fixed in the 1.23 update
Regenerate is not displayed in a list of magic. Fixed in the 1.11 update
When have "Elemental Potency", some summonses fail. Fixed in the 1.01 update
Soul Taker is buggy,It may sometimes CTD.
When there is not an enemy near, Bahamut does not work normally.
Texture of sun knight cloak is not displayed normally Fixed in the 1.12 update
The problem that the sound of the firewall is not removed. Fixed in the 1.13 update
When a player has "Elemental Potancy", bahamut summons fails. Fixed in the 1.14 update
Bug of Magica regen of Thunder Enchant Fixed in the 1.14 update
The problem that there was not an incantation book of earth rune and wind tharll Fixed in the 1.14 update
The problem that waterwalking is not removed
This problem will be resolved by the console command.

Player.setav waterwalking 0

(In the case of me, it was settled in Player.setav waterwalking -1)

Bound Weapons CTD Bug
-You can fix this problem by using the console command.

Magic List Magics currently integrated

Blue Flames
Blue Fire Bolt
Blue Burst
Cobalt Flare
Burst Stream
Hell Fire
Frozen Wave
Lightning Wave
Curse of Fire
Silent moon flare
Thor Thunder
Thunder Storm Discharge
Blue Spark Brutish Bolt
Evil Lightning
Blue Lightning
Frost ball
Lightning ball
Hell Fire ball
Poison blow Poison mist
Cold Spear
Electric Shock
Air blast
Cutting Wind
Wind Cloak
Gale Cloak
Absolute zero
Blast Blizzard
Rock Blast
Boulder smash
Burst rune
Freeze rune
Electric Shock Rune
Eternal Force Blizzard
Water Wave
Oil Wave
Poison Wave

Tidal Wave
Rapid Fire
Plasma Ball
Wind Enchant
Flame Enchant
Ice Enchant
Thunder Enchant
Magic Bullet
Water Ball
Burning Rock Blast
Freezing Rock Blast
Lightning Rock Blast
Ice Thorn
Ice Thorn Wall
Ifrit Caress
Glacial Blizzard
Earth Grave
Poison Blow
Meteor Shower
Thunder Rain
Elemental Combination
Flame Volley
Ice Volley
Wind Volley
Earth Rune
Natural Rune
Blood Rune
Elemental Rune
The Eclipse
Blood Fountain
Blood Bullet
Blood Burst
Vampire Bat Cloak
Vampire Bats Instigate
Ether Strike
Celestial star
Hydro Stream
Natural Prison
Blade Storm
Sky Spear
Volcanic Thunder Storm
Wrath of Earth
Diamond Dust
Thunder Storm
Unlimited Flame
Meteor Swram
Lava Wave
Fire Tornado 
Sand Storm
Pillar of Flame
Icy Great Spear
Ash Bullet 
Ash Blast 
Cloud of dust
Poison Spray
Acid Surge
Dragon Flare 
Blizzard Breath
Instant Blizzard 
Blaze Rune
Ice Rune
Lightning Rune
Magicka Rune 
Wind Rune
Meteor Rune 
Lightning strike Rune 
Geyser Rune 
Acid Bomb 
Poison Bomb 
Dark Orb 
Dark Hail 
Heavenly Thunder 
Frost Spike
Earth Spike 
Ground Dasher
Soul Crystal 
Slow Time 
Freeze Time 
Force Burst
Ferocious tentacle
Mora's Tentacle
Tentacle Hell  
Lightning Beam 
Hyper Beam
White dragon Breath   
Blizzard Cloak 
inferno Cloak 
Unleash Magic
Lightning Whip 
Gravity Blessing
Freeze Bomb 
Energy Drain
Chaos Storm    
Forbidden Sun  
Undress Whirlwind  
Colorful Magic 
Magicka Ravage
Ice Needle
Vampiric Grip
Mist of Death
Curse Cloak
Soul Absorption
Energy Stream
Magicka Cloak
Lingering Flame
Cold Flame
Blade of Avenge
J'zargo's Flame Cloak (safety)
Great Fire Ball
Frenzy Flame
Frenzy Blizzard
Frenzy Storm
Elemental Storm
Elemental Blast
Wrath of Thor
Thundercloud Cloak

Conjure Blue Flame Atronach
Conjure Blue Flame Great Atronach
Conjure Blue Flame thrall
Conjure Dark Flame Atronach
Conjure Hell Flame Atronach
Conjure Wind Atronach
Conjure Wind thrall
Conjure Earth Atronach
Conjure Great Frost Atronach
Conjure Heretic Dremora Lord
Soul Taker
Magicka Plunder
Soul Eater
Energy Stealer
Soul Breaker
Bound Soul Breaker
Summon Bahamut
Summon Black Diamond Golem
Bound Fire Sword
Bound Icy Mace
Bound Lightning Axe
Bound Mystic Bow
Bound Shining Bow
Bound Burn Blade
Bound Frost Hammer
Bound Thunder Axe
Bound Blue Flame Katana
Bound Wind Blade
Conjure Flame Devil
Conjure Frost Knight
Conjure Great Storm Atronach
Conjure Silent Moon Flame Atronach
Conjure Sun Flame Atronach
Summon Muramasa Blade
Summon Poison Tree
The False Moon
Twilight's Call
Bound Flaming Katana
Bound Shining Sword 
Bound Mystic Great Blade 
Bound Mystic Blade
Bound Mystic Battle Axe
Bound Crystal Sword  
Conjure Yeti 
Conjure Daedroth 
Conjure Black Daedroth 
Conjure Crimson Daedroth 
Conjure Golden Saint
Conjure Dark Seducer
Conjure Ebony Giant  
Conjure Alonne Knight 
Conjure Flame Dancer    
Conjure Snow Dancer  
Conjure Holy Elk  
Conjure Flame Wraith   
Conjure Jumping Spiders 
Conjure Cloaked Spiders 
Conjure Skeleton Champion
Conjure Little Skeleton 
Conjure Giant Skeleton 
Conjure Skeleton Soldiers 
Conjure Skeleton Wheel
Bound Soul Eater
Conjure Ice Wraith
Conjure Snow Atronach
Conjure Great Snow Atronach
Conjure Spriggan Soldier
Conjure Spriggan Sorcerer
Conjure Spriggan Dragon
Conjure Skull Knight
Conjure Blades Ghost
Conjure Ice Spector
Conjure Flaming Horse
Conjure Twin Succubus
Conjure Grim Reaper
Conjure Black Dragon
Conjure Garm
Conjure Fenrir
Twin Summon
Triple Summon
Infinity Summon
Conjure Will-o-wisp

Dark Flame
Darkness Enchant
Dark Fire Bolt
Shadow Cloak
Whisper of Despair 
Great Darkness Enchant
Deep Mist

Become Ethereal
Guard Reinforce
Might Reinforce
Spell Reinforce
Dragon Fist 
Lightning Teleportation 
Magicka Conversion 
Magic Oil
Super Magic Oil 
Ultra Magic Oil 
Grimoire Protection
Water Protection
Wall of Magnus 
Spell Counter
Stone Body
Fall Control

Holy Enchant
Holy Spark
Holy Water Wave

Holy pillar
Sun Flare Burst
Sun Rune
Wrath of the Gods
Holy Cross
Grand Cross
Great Holy Gift
Magic Protection
Great Magic Protection
Sacred Oath
Emit Force 
Area Healing
Magic Mirror
Absolute Barrier

Over load
Summon Dragon Breaker
Evil Dragon Aspect      
Blood Scale
Rage of Warrior
Barrier of Flame King
Freezing Wave
Summon Thor
Summon Valkyrie

Lightning Breath
Mega Flare
Freeze Time 
Poison Breath 
Meteor Storm Call
Burst Voice

Resurrection scroll

All-in-all, 344 new Magics

Locations Merchant Location

Whiterun Arcadia's Cauldron under the eaves

Merchant NPC Name : Pastel
She sells spell books and scrolls of this MOD.

Merchant NPC Name : Conte
He sells magic items of this MOD.

Whiterun Arcadia's Cauldron

Merchant NPC Name : Charcoal
SImplified Edition : He sells All spell books and scrolls of this MOD.
Darkside Edition   : He sells spell books and scrolls of this MOD.

Merchant NPC Name : Ink
SImplified Edition : She sells All Magic Item of this MOD.
Darkside Edition   : She sells magic items of this MOD.

-You can Create the Unique Item in Palette's Alchemy Table and Golden Anvil.

These are present in the vicinity of the merchant.

These two are not added in the Simplified Edition.

Enemy Locations
-There are fifty enemies, all which are a unique item, or items.
If you defeat an enemy, you are able to loot the body for the enemies
items, but beware, for the enemies are strong. Luckily, each enemy also
has a elemental weakness, (fire, ice, shock, poison etc)

Enemy Name : Ghost of Blades
Location : Sky Haven Temple

Enemy Name : Forest Guardian
Location : Peak's Shade Tower

Enemy Name : Kalameet
Location : Evergreen Grove

Enemy Name : Glutton Dragon
Location : Raldbthar

Enemy Name : Bloody Valkyrie
Location : Near the Sunderd Towers

Enemy Name : Grim Reaper
Location : Solitude Catacombs

Enemy Name : Jack The Ripper
Location : Near the Solitude

Enemy Name : Twin Succubus
Location : East of the Dragonbridge

Enemy Name : Warrior of Blackdragon
Location : Ustengrav Depths

Enemy Name : Thor
Location : Summit of the Ironbind Barrow

Enemy Name : Hel
Location : The north of The Serpent Stone

Enemy Name : Loki
Location : Skuldafn

Enemy Name : Galahad
Location : Whiterun Stables

Enemy Name : Golden Knight
Location : Mzinchaleft Depths

Enemy Name : Dark Soldier
Location : Darkwater Pass

Enemy Name : Umbra
Location : Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon

Enemy Name : Crimson Daedorth
Location : West bridge of Morthal

Enemy Name : Skeleton Lords
Location : Hamvir's Rest

Enemy Name : Queen Chaurus
Location : Frostflow abyss

Enemy Name : Snow Ghost
Location : Near Snow Veil Sanctum

Enemy Name : Lady of Fox Mask
Location : Near Valthume

Enemy Name : Spider Daedra
Location : Cronvangr Cave

Enemy Name : Frost Spider Daedra
Location : Forgotten Vale

Enemy Name : Ebony Giant
Location : Near Valthume Long Bridge

Enemy Name : Frost Lord
Location : Near Valthume Inner Sanctum

Enemy Name : Rock Golem
Location : The south of Bristleback Cave

Enemy Name : Lava Giant
Location : The west of Tel Mithryn

Enemy Name : Alonne Knight and Desert Sorceress
Location : Near of Brodir Grove

Enemy Name :  Bloodbane
Location : Near of Saering's Watch

Enemy Name :  Little Mora
Location : Apocrypha : The Winds of Change

Enemy Name : ????
Location : Soul Cairn

Enemy Name : Unknown
Location : Soul Cairn

Enemy Name : Cursed Dremora lord
Location : Bridge near Karthspire Camp

Enemy Name : Heretic Dremora lord
Location : Mountain road near the Shrine of Azura

Enemy Name : Sun Knight
Location : Stendarr's Beacon

Enemy Name : Broken Dwarven Android
Location : Mzinchaleft

Enemy Name : Eldergleam Guardian
Location : Eldergleam Sanctuary

Enemy Name : Poison tree's Spriggan
Location : Abandoned Shack near

Enemy Name : Dwarven Dragonic Centurion
Location : Blackreach

Enemy Name : Meteor Dragon
Location : North of Ravenscar Hollow

Enemy Name : Ancient Vampire Lord
Location : Broken Fang Cave

Enemy Name : Snow Great Atronach
Location : Cold Rock Pass(In a cave)

Enemy Name : Twin Flame Atronach
Location : DragonTooth Crater

Enemy Name : Wind Dragon
Location : The southernmost border(South of Helgen)

Enemy Name : Dwarven Weapon Master
Location : Nchuand-Zel - Nchuand-Zel Armory

Enemy Name : Seath
Location : Middle of Arcwind Point and Mount Anthor

Enemy Name : Storm Master
Location : Greywater Grotto(in a cave)

Enemy Name : The Destroyer
Location : Blackreach city

Enemy Name : Bahamut
Location : Labyrinthian

Enemy Name : Trismegistus
Location : Labyrinthian

Darkside Edition Only Enemies

Enemy Name : Heretic Vampire (Vincent)
Location : Hall of the Vigilant

Enemy Name : Sealed Sorceress (Ellen)
Location : College of Winterhold Midden

Enemy Name : Lunatic Seeker (Claus)
Location : Apocrypha : The Sallow Regent

Enemy Name : Skooma fiend
Location : Mzinchaleft First Floor

Enemy Name : Parasitized Rogue
Location :White Ridge Barrow

Enemy Name : ????
Location : Raldbthar Deep Market

Other Locations
Followers Location  (Whiterun/Winterhold Edition only).

All Unique Followers. They use Unique Spells!!!
In addition, -You can buy the unique magic and equipment from them

Name : Claus
Location : College of Winterhold The Arcanaeum

Name : Ellen
Location : College of Winterhold The Arcanaeum

Name : Vincent
Location : Solitude Winking Skeever

Name : J'Waldo
Location : Mzinchaleft First Floor

Name : Noir
Location : Raven Rock

Mystic Stones Location

-You can learn/unlearn 6 shouts at there.
Required word power.

Mega Flare

”yol” ”toor” ”shul”

Lightning Breath 
”Strun” ”Bah” ”Quo”

Poison Breath
”Krii” ”Lun” ”Aus”

Freeze Time
”Tiid” ”Klo” ”Ul”

Meteor Storm Call
”Strun” ”Bah” ”Toor

Burst Voice
Fus” ”Ro” ”Da

Health” ”Stamina” ”Magicka

Location :  Editor Smoke Test Cell
All items that are included in this MOD contains in this chest.
-Please use the console command to go to qasmoke.
coc qasmoke

-To come back
coc whiterun

-The glorious power of magic shall be yours to command!

Credit & Special Thanks

TK Combat by tktk1
Master Destruction Spells Redone by Mysteryman88
SeeEnchantments by SpiderAkiraC
Enchantments Upgraded by warden01
Decapitation Spell and Raise Skull Minions by J3X

Creature Sorce
Vicn Creature Resources and Zenithar Workshop by Vicn
Kalameet Wannabe Odaviing Replace by milisot1325
More Dramatic Alduin Retexture by lightningo
Morrowind Style Argonians by Senviro and bilotheretard and Derok and Damian
Better Claws and Gauntlets by Derok and Didact2401
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R18Pn 09 - Shanoa Armor for UNP CBBEV3 7B by KURESE
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Script Source
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Textures Source
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Noble Dress Nimezis Retextured by messiasmummo
Doomsday Tatoo by serfernet2
Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Apocrypha - Temple of Miraak - Black Books by ObsidianStag
Squirrels Companions SE by gg77

Mod in screenshot & video
Zab's Witch Hat by zabs
Hunting Grounds by Kewin568
Grimoas Scarf and Gugel by Grimoa
Ordinary weapons for Skyrim FULL by RonnieMagnum
Relics of The Reach by Dragonslayer2k12
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Vagrant Story Osana Tattoo CBBE - Better Males by Garrett666
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Pretty Combat Idles by dualsun
Pretty Female Idles by Dualsun
Catwalk by Edoin (Uploaded by rickyrickylo)
Parkour Dovahkiin by robiehn

Sound effects & Demo video bgm

Translated cooperation by screendrop
Japanese Language by Dice

..AND VERY special THANKS FOR Gesu

20?? - ??.??  - 1.26 SE 5         Fix "Broken Eye-mesh" for all characters (mans and females), Fix Claus head (This fix can not be done without replacing the ESP,
                                                so I change the version). Fix all black-head characters/summons/ghosts etc.
                                                (Approximate release date well be as soon as we celebrate 1000 endorsements my country's president Vladimir Putin will be dies).
                                                 On the threshold of 2019, I uploaded only Merry Christmas Patch, please use of the assets in it to upgrade your version 3 itself.

2017 - 12.12  - 1.26 SE 3         Restore some NIF-models for DX11, re-creation of the original species, hard works but i made it,
                                                   restore some dds-files from original mod,
                                                   add some missing textures.
                                                   correct addres for textures in NIF-files.
                                                    Small FIX in every ESP
                                                    (like remove unreadable text, FIX addres invisible head mesh, fix errors in some description for all language.)
                                                    Change attribute for Long Katana and remove saja.
                                                    Change attribute and NIF-model for Ice Brand.
                                                   Change female-part Wizard Robes not for Claus, he is man.
                                                   Change NIF-model for Forest Guardian's Bow and Forest Arrow.
                                                   Change NIF-model for Dark Sword.
                                                   Add clothes for SuperMan-SweetrollHead.
                                                   Add scroll Resurrection. Just scroll without spell him analog. For rolePlay.
                                                  All Russian ESP-files converted in Unicode Transformation Format - 8.
                                                  Change NIF-models Ice Great Sword and Ice Sword...and some other minor but important details for me.
                                                  Because for me every detail is important.

2017 - 11.02 - 1.26 SE 2             Fixed some NIF-models.

2017 - 11.01 - 1.26 SE 1             SSE Release. Change 2 NIF-models for DX11.

If you need me, if you love me, if you want to support the direction of my work, join my PATREON.

All rights reserved. Gardemarin 2017.