Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Adds 6 new colors of summon-able bound weapons. Bow, Arrows, Axe, and sword. With DSR meshes included.

renzozuken1's 2015 mod finally brought out from the dusty HDD. Revamped, tested, polished, with new colors in the works.

Permissions and credits

Originally a Mod by renzozuken1, seen HERE, was abandoned only after having the mod up for about 3 WEEKS in October of  2015. As Fallout 4 landed, the author scrapped the project and hid it.

I actually LOVED the original release, and took pictures for the mod, only for it to just be canned.

This has been a WIP of mine for five goshdarn years. I'm glad I'm able to finally (re?-)release it.

On the pretense this is refurbished abandonware, this update/release will serve as a modder's resource in it's permissions.

Each color is a standalone spell, which can be found as spell tomes above the Markarth Stables in a Inconspicuous Knapsack.

There is also a large set of standalone equipable weapons you can use but for now they are only accessible via console or use of AddItemMenu.

The Weapon Types are:
  • Bow
  • Arrow Quivers (which spawn with the corresponding spell)
  • Axe
  • Sword
  • Dagger

Current Ten Colors:
Faecharm (Pink)
Frostfire (Cyan)
Goldfallen (Yellow)
Lustthrall (Magenta)
Molten (Orange)
Relentless (Red)
Rulebreaker (Purple)
Shadow (Black)
Verdant (Green)
Wrath (White)

FAQ of dewm:

Q: Are there other colors planned?
A: Yes, but not until bugs are pounded out and I've rested a bit. There is a few more planned, yes.

Q: How do I get these?
A: Nab the Spells out of the Inconspicuous Knapsack, and the useable static weapons from the Conveniently Placed Dresser above the Markarth Stables < Guide | Here > , or use AddItemMenu to add them directly.

Q: Is this going to be ported for LE?
A: Yup! Here it is!

Q: You like Sailor Moon?!
A: Since 1993, ya.

Q: Rule Breaker?!
A: Yessssss.

Q: Replacer?! Will you make one? Can you show me?!?
A: No and any comments to the like will be hidden. Because no. For the love of the divines stop.

Q: Bound Armory? Colorful Magic?! Patch!?
A: Nope, it's an open resource, you are free to do it yourself, on your own time. Suffer like I did.



Helpful persons -
  • Xarathos - Best cheerleader and art nerd squadmate, and teaching me how to use the nif patcher scripts in xEdit, which made this project so much faster to work on.
  • KaptainCnucklz - Pre-relese esp testing, unlicensed therapist lol