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skulexander ported by CorvustheFallen

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An add-on for Hunterborn that allows you to harvest meat, skin, ingredients, etc. from humanoids.

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A simple port of Hunterborn - Forbidden Prey by skulexander from Oldrim to SSE.  Don't forget to endorse the original, and now for the Oldrim description.

Extends Hunterborn functionality to humanoid races.
- If you eat humanoid flesh, there's a chance of getting prion disease from it, unless you finished the Namira quest. Then you should be immune (the immunity is one of the features I haven't tested myself yet, so if anyone wants to let me know if it works, that would be swell).
- You'll get a bounty if you do anything crazy in front of witnesses. Cutting up corpses, eating or cooking humanoid flesh, tanning humanoid skin, trying to sell it to merchants, etc. Unless those witnesses have a low enough morality, are allies or lovers to the player, or are fences.
- I believe it should be automatically compatible with iNeed. The food items should be added to iNeed lists upon initialization. Haven't tested it myself yet though.

v1.2: added effects to the various ingredients, and the blood potions, and also added different prion diseases for different humanoid fleshes. If there's any balance issues, let me know.

Mod is very much a work in progress. Main functionalities work perfectly fine. It's mainly just details that need tweaking now. Plans I have are:

Adding different effects to the different ingredients harvested from the varying races. Right now, they're all just copies of vanilla items (for instance, all the hearts are just copies of the vanilla human heart). - Done for the current ingredients (which are just hearts atm).
- Perhaps making the prion disease in the style of the iNeed diseases. Maybe even adding different effects for prion disease based on which race's flesh you ate.
- Possibly adding some sort of corruption mechanic? Where the more humanoid flesh you eat, the more ravenous you get for it.
- Add more ingredients.
- Make it so you can make stronger blood potions out of the regular vials of blood.
- Add an MCM where you can tweak features.
- Integrate Namira's ring in a better way.
- Compatibility with Wintersun, to someone gain favor with Namira when using this mod


Obviously thanks to Nexus user unuroboros and their mod Hunterborn, since this mod is a direct add-on to that one.
Thanks to nexus user NateNexus, because I used the skin assets from their Forbidden Luxury- The Fur Traders Legacy mod.
Thanks to nexus user PROMETHEUS_ts for letting me use the skull assets from the Beast Skeletons mod


  • Version 1.5
    • Fixed the bug where falmer could not be activated, and the bug where argonians provided endless ingredients
  • Version 1.4
    • - Made it so you get about 1/3 less meat from corpses. Felt like you were able to get too much from them
    • - Hopefully fixed it so that teammates don't report you
    • - Added skulls for other races. Thanks to nexus user PROMETHEUS_ts for letting me use the assets from their beast skeletons mod
    • - Added ability to harvest humanoid fat from humanoids. Also added Wearable Lanterns and Bathing in Skyrim patch
  • Version 1.3
    • Fixed it so that the other cultists of Namira don't report you
  • Version 1.2
    • - Gave the different hearts different effects.
    • - Gave the blood potions different effects (which only affect vampires).
    • - Made different versions of the prion disease you can get based on which flesh you eat.
  • Version 1.1
    • - Made it so that you always get hearts from harvesting ingredients, at least until I come up with new ingredients to add in.
    • - Made it so you get daedra hearts properly from harvesting ingredients from dremoras.
    • - Made it so that you can't get prion disease if you're a bosmer or a vampire.