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Rediscover a lost art with simple and immersive tomes that enable teleportation to cities, towns, and select faction HQs.

Permissions and credits
Teleport Tomes

By Flawedspirit

What is this mod?
This mod adds spell books to each major city, minor city, village, and some faction locations.
When cast, these spells instantly (and possibly painlessly) teleport the player to the desired location!
Does not break "fast travel disabled" playthroughs. All plugins are ESL Flagged!

Inspired by Teleport - City Spells (and associated addons) by TheWulfPanda; go check it out!

The following locations are currently supported:
Markarth, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm,
Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal, Raven Rock, Winterhold

Dragon Bridge, Helgen, Ivarstead, Karthwasten
Riverwood, Rorikstead, Shor's Stone

The College of Winterhold, Fort Dawnguard, Heljarchen Hall
High Hrothgar, Lakeview Manor, Volkihar Keep, Windstad Manor

And Creation Club homes, if you have them:
Hendhraheim, Myrwatch, Shadowfoot Sanctum, Tundra Homestead, Goldenhills Plantation

Each spell costs 300 magicka and are Alteration spells. They are considered Expert-level for
the purposes of cost-reduction perks, but are castable by anyone of any magical aptitude.
These spells take 1.5 seconds to cast.

Alternatively, there is a Lite version, that costs 150 magicka to cast, but take 3 seconds to cast
in exchange. These are for people who don't want to play a master-level mage but still want to
gain access to the spells earlier.

Each tome can be found in fairly easy-to-find locations in each destination.
Check the included README file for locations if you can't find a tome.

Installation should be done with a mod manager though Wrye Bash installation should work in a pinch.

To install, download and run the archive in your mod manager, and simply follow the FOMOD
installer. Simple! You can choose which modules (cities, towns, homes/factions) you want,
the Full Cost or Lite version, and any CC homes you may have.

To uninstall, delete the .esps added by this mod as well as the fsteleportplayertoref.pex script
from Data/scripts, and the fsteleportplayertoref.psc file from Data/source/scripts.
Alternatively, your mod manager of choice will do that for you.

This mod is most compatible with vanilla Skyrim SE and should be compatible with the
changes made by:

JK's Skyrim
Arthmoor's Town Overhauls
Immersive College of Winterhold
Simple Raven Rock Expansion

Teleport tomes is NOT compatible with Open Cities Skyrim at the moment!

I will work on more patches as time/energy allows if there's popular demand/I'm bored enough.

My TODO List:
Beyond Skyrim: Bruma
The Great Cities
Open Cities Skyrim
Magical College of Winterhold

Please check the permissions tab at the top of the page. Overall I'm fairly open about what happens with my stuff.
There's nothing in the mod that can really be copywritten per se (it's simple code and Bethesda assets).
Just be a reasonable person.

If you have any suggestions/requests, send me a PM or post in the comments section.