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The first mod in my planned package of teleport spells. Faction Spells contains spells to teleport the player to the different factions throughout Skyrim.

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Teleport - Faction Spells

By TheWulfPanda

What this mods does:

This mod simply adds teleportation spells to the major factions of Skyrim
and a couple of other useful areas.

The teleport locations include:

Archmage's Quarters
Bard's College

Blue Palace
Castle Dour
Castle Volkihar
College of Winterhold
Dawnstar Sanctuary
Falkreath Sanctuary
Fort Dawnguard
Palace of The Kings
The Ragged Flagon

You can find the spells in the above locations on random furniture.

Each spell costs 300 magicka and are from the Alteration school.
There is a 1.5 second cast time.

The alternate version reduces the spell cost to 150 magicka. However
increases the cast time to 3.0 seconds to allow for a small balance.
This file is for those people who are NOT playing a skilled mage
build and wish to still use the spells.

I strongly recommend the main file as it creates balancing for the spells without
being overpowered.

Teleport - City Spells
the second installment of the Teleport spell package.

Teleport - Towns and Villages
the third installment of the Teleport spell package.

For those who do not wish to go treasure hunting.
Here is the complete list of spells and where to find them.

Archmage's Quarters: On the table to the left as soon as you enter the main room.
Bard's College: On the table to the left as soon as you enter the college, it is behind a bowl of apples.
Blue Palace: On the table to the right as soon as you enter the palace.
Castle Dour: As you enter the palace, to the right is a display case, in the bottom right corner of it.
Castle Volkihar: On a chest of drawers on the second level next to the soul gem cabinet and the arcane enchanter.
College of Winterhold: Just keep walking straight as you enter the college.
Dawnstar Sanctuary: Down a flight of stairs and on a table next to a pot.
Falkreath Sanctuary: On the map table with daggers on certain points.
Fort Dawnguard: On the left side of the fort on a table with a map on it.
Jorrvaskr: On the table next to the left hand side entrance.
Palace of the Kings: On the dining table.
The Ragged Flagon: On the central table in the main sitting area.


To install, simply DRAG the .esp files from THIS mod into your Skyrim\Data folder
or use a mod manager (e.g. Nexus Mod Manager) to install.


To uninstall, simply DELETE the .esp files from THIS mod from your Skyrim\Data folder
or use a mod manager (e.g. Nexus Mod Manager) to uninstall.


This mod should be compatible with 99.98% of mods on the Nexus and beyond.
However, if one finds an incompatibility somewhere, let me know ASAP
and I will try to fix it... ASAP.


IF you are updating from version 1.0 to version 1.0x make sure to :

1. Delete Teleport - Faction Spells v 1.00.
2. Download and install Teleport - Faction Spells v 1.0x.


Magical College of Winterhold by Sable17
Fully Compatible and Recommended.

(install Magical College of Winterhold -> install Teleport - Faction Spells)


Check the PERMS tab on the top of the page.

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If you have any suggestions make sure to either PM me or leave a post
in the comments section!