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Adds the Blink spell from Dishonored, allows teleporting to a spot in your line of sight.

Permissions and credits


.NET Script Framework


Make sure the framework above is installed properly.

Install this mod with a mod manager or manually. The DLL file from this mod should go here:


Uninstall with your mod manager or remove the DLL file from above path and BlinkSpell.esp from Data directory.

Configuration options

The configuration file can be found in /Data/NetScriptFramework/Plugins/BlinkSpell.config.txt

MaxDistance: Maximum distance you can teleport. This is capped at 8000.
TeleportSpeed: The speed at which you move while teleporting. Set 0 for instant teleport. Default is 10000.
ScreenDistortion: Amount multiplier for the vertical stretch effect when teleporting. Set 0 to disable or 0.5 for half.
Hotkey: Set up a hotkey to teleport with instead of using the spell. This allows teleporting with no delay at any time even while in air.
AbortHotkey: If you set up a hotkey and while aiming want to cancel the teleport you can press this hotkey.


If you install and it doesn't automatically give you the spell or the spell does nothing in game then you didn't install .NET Script Framework correctly. Check the requirements of this mod.