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Ancient spells tapping into the flow of Aetherius, drawing starlight to strike opponents.

•• Five unique Destruction spells with custom behavior and visual effects.

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  • Italian
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Astral Bite[NOVICE] Fire four energy bolts, each dealing 8 points of damage. Does 4 extra damage and occasionally staggers if target is outdoor.

Astral Wind{APPRENTICE] Astergust rending 10 points of Magic Resist and 40 points of Armor Rating. Spell is twice as effective outdoor.

Astral Rune[ADEPT] Cast on a nearby surface, it explodes for 40 points of damage and spawns hostile Magic Wisp if is outdoor.

Astral Blitz[EXPERT] Beam of asterlight dealing 80 points of damage to Stamina and Magicka. Does Health damage if target is outdoor.

Astral Strike[MASTER] Comet dealing massive damage to all targets near the impact.

Spell tomes and scrolls are distributed across vanilla leveled lists via. a script. Alternatively, you can find higher-tier Astral spell tomes in the Forgotten Vale temple.