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Hateful and sadistic creatures, Beholders are immediately identifiable, being essentially a floating head with one single cyclops-like eye surrounded by 8 smaller eye stalks. Other than this, the main feature of a beholder's anatomy is his massive gaping maw and long gooey tongue.

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Mihail Mods Development Report-
the Beholders arrive on Skyrim

Beholders are immediately identifiable, being essentially a floating head with one single cyclops-like eye surrounded by 8 smaller eye stalks. Other than this, the main feature of a beholder's anatomy is his massive gaping maw and long gooey tongue. Because their entire body is covered in eyes, beholders had the capacity to see in all directions at once, making it nearly impossible to ambush them while also giving them an unusually high degree of perceptive ability. Beholders are also capable of flight, in spite of their lack of wings or similar physical features, simply hovering above ground effortlessly. 

They're daedra, and it is speculated that they originate in the realm of Sheogorath, the Shivering Isles, although they can be found scattered in other kingdoms in smaller numbers. Xenophobic and cruel creatures, Beholders are quick to attack their enemies, including anyone they consider "unworthy of living". Beholders are, as a rule, violent, sadistic and greedy, yearning for wealth and power over others. All of this causes a break even within the family to which the Beholders belong (they are cousins to Watchers and Vigilants), and even between variants of Beholders, each believing to be the height of bodily perfection and seeing the other Beholders that differ (even if minimally) from that image as enemies, aberrations and disgusting inferiors. Because of this, Beholders not only despise Watchers and Vigilants, they also despise and hate other Beholders, even those absolutely identical to them, belonging to the very same variant as them. They also despise other daedras, respecting only the Daedric Princes, and also daedra lords and counts of great power and influence, superior to theirs. In spite of this, some seem to like having mortals around who somehow flatter them, which leads several Beholders to create and rule covenants in Nirn. But never bringing two Beholders together in the same place. From a certain point of view, a Beholder 's greatest prejudice is against his own kind. Furthermore, scholars believe that the seemingly inexplicable absence of Beholders in Apocrypha is due precisely to the terrible prejudice that they have against other members of the same family.

Hateful creatures, Vigilants of Stendarr and other daedra hunters find it very difficult to exterminate their sects since, as daedras they are, Beholders are immortal, and tend to be summoned again when they re-form themselves in Oblivion, later returning to command again such hateful places.

Regardless of their daedric alignment, curiously all Beholders remain adept at their unique form of magic.
Beholders produce a bright red energy, which they can use by firing it in the form of rays from their various
tentacle eyes, or as a telekinetic area damage produced by their large central eye. They are skilled users of charms,
they can enchant your body so that it temporarily loses all its stamnina, or fire rays of anti-magic that will temporarily remove all its magical ability. In addition, lethal rays can also be fired. All of these spells are fired in the form of
beams by a Beholder appendage eyes, and are especially dangerous when combined with the telekinetic paralysis
they can cause. When using telekinesis, they are embedded in a red orb of concentrated energy, getting close
to that orb results in temporary paralysis that lasts a few seconds.

In this particular mod, they are introduced in the Frenzied and Deranged Beholder variants, originally from Mania and Dementia, in the Shivering Isles, and are summed up by Manic and Demented Mages who can appear randomly in the world. Darkheart Beholders are also added, which are a variant especially interested in necromancy and nature corruption magic, which, although rarely, can be seen with necromancers and hagravens. Enthralled Beholders, who are power-hungry beholders who ended up making ambitious pacts with the Ideal Masters and who were deceived, and are now partially imprisoned in Soul Cairn, with their Vestiges serving as batteries in the kingdom, now living in a semi-ethereal stage, unable to escape, self-destruct or be destroyed, so that they could remake their bodies back on their original plans. And finally the Vile Beholders, Beholders Souleaters and Beholder Tyrants, aligned respectively with Clavicus Vile, Molag Bal and Mehrunes Dagon. These last 3 are larger and have small chambers that house their covenant sects, scattered around the map, and also added by this mod, respectively: Vileburg (near Haemar's Shame), Deathmoure (near Mzinchaleft) and Cragfall Tower (near Broken Limb Camp). (images on album)

All Beholders are summonable. While the variants of the Shivering Isles can be summoned by acquiring the
spelltomes on the magicians' corpses, and the residents in the new added chambers carry the spelltomes themselves
as part of their loots, the spelltomes of the necromancer and soul cairn variants can be found, respectively,
in necromancer lairs or in chests in the realm of the Ideal Masters.

- 1 new ambient creature, beholder, in 7 variants
with new sounds, effects, spells, loot and behaviour

- spell to summon them

- manic and demented mages

- 3 new areas


Mihail- models, textures, animations, effects, spells, sounds, new areas, game implementation

Additional credits:

Terry Kuntz and Gary Gygax- i made this creature completely inspired on the Beholder creature
created by them on the series Dungeons & Dragons, so thank you very much for the
inspiration and for years playing with the amazing D&D content.