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Forgotten Magic Redone SE brings you some of the most comprehensive and intriguing spells for Skyrim Special Edition to date! Following on from the Forgotten Magic mod, the arcane arts have now been mastered.

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Requires SKSE64 + and SkyUI 5.1 Alpha + for full functionality. No Exceptions. 

Ordinator compatibility patch available here, thanks to TheNinJew for this.
CTD Patch is available thanks to nodude2016.

Forgotten Magic Redone SE brings you some of the most comprehensive and intriguing spells for Skyrim to date! Following on from the Forgotten Magic mod, the arcane arts have now been mastered.

While other magic mods oftentimes introduce hundreds of different spells (which can be a bit overwhelming) this mod takes a different approach. Forgotten Magic Redone provides a smaller set of spells, that partially complement each other, and tries to keep them balanced and immersive.

What makes this mod special is that the spells you use will level up with you and enable you to unlock some of the mysteries hidden within their scripts, bestowing new effects upon them as they grow stronger and stronger.
Those who want to use as many different spells as possible can use this mod alongside other popular magic mods without any problems.

Forgotten Magic Redone goes a long way towards achieving true complementary spell casting, by giving you the opportunity to master a set of spells that will cover your style of play, in your schools of magic, while unleashing a wealth of combined effects that will dazzle even the Archmage.


Forgotten Magic Redone SE adds 39 new spells to your game, each with 10 possible improvements to the spell, 390 improvements in total. The level of the spells is capped at 5. Spells gain experience as you use them, which allows you to unlock a new effect each time they level up. These improvements, as well as the spells themselves,  can be combined for potentially greater effects; it’s up to you to decide where your true power and nature lie.

In the MCM menu, under Forgotten Magic tab, you can view your spell experience, remaining points, and the talents available for that particular spell. Also, once you've used a spell enough for it to reach the next level, you will receive a small notification saying "Your spell has levelled up!" on the top left corner of your screen.

Spells gain experience each time you successfully cast them. For every level you gain within your spell, the required experience is increased by 1.5 (or by 2, for certain spells). Only the most dedicated will master their craft. The Dovahkiin possesses a certain advantage over the normal fair of mages and can spend a dragon soul to refund all talent points spent on a spell.


Thanks to insane0hflex and Brodual .


For more detailed descriptions, see the Articles tab.

Mystic spells: Arcane Weapon, Cursed Rune, Discord, Phantom Shroud, Spectral Missiles, Phantom Armor
Paladin spells: Divine Light, Holy Bolt, Divine Armor, Hammer of Justice
Warlock spells: Blight Curse, Necrosis, Void Bolt, Summon Deathguard, Deathly Pall, Nether Rift
Pyromancer spells: Fire Blast, Conflagrate, Meteor Shower, Doppelganger, Salamander Touch, Phoenix Strike
Cryomancer spells: Ice Lance, Frost Bomb, Ancient Lich, Frost Armor, Winter Woe, Glacial Fortress
Druid spells: Healing Touch, Seed of Life, Earthbound Weapon, Wild Mushroom, Veil of Nature, Wolf Pack
Electromancer spells: Stormstrike, Lightning Strike, Storm Armor, Skyfall, Electric Charge

IMPORTANT: The "Impact"-perk of the destruction-tree doesn't affect spells of this mod. This is intentional, because, quite frankly, the "Impact"-perk is overpowered.


Whenever you kill an enemy, there's a chance to find random spellbook. A few of the easier spells can be purchased from a mage staying at the Bannered Mare in White Run; others can be bought from his associate wandering the roads between White Run and Markarth.


If using a mod manager such as Nexus Mod Manager then simply click the Download with Manager button in the files section and then enable within the manager itself. If installing manually, extract the contents of the archive to the Data directory of your Skyrim Special Edition installation.


Should be compatible with everything. If you have found a mod that is not compatible, please let me know.


SkyUI Team