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Adds a book for each enchantment which teaches you that enchantment when read, there is a Summermyst module. Enchantment tomes can be bought from spell vendors (and there are plans to distribute them throughout the world).

Permissions and credits
I wanted an alternative to breaking lots of items and never being able to find an item with the enchantment I want anyway. Why are there tomes for the most simple spells but not for such complex matrices like enchantments?!

This mod adds a book corresponding to the learnable vanilla enchantments and the Summermyst file does the same for Summermyst.
When you read an enchantment tome, you will learn that enchantment and gain some enchanting experience.

You can buy them from anyone who sells spell tomes, but they're not cheap, valued at 400 Septims. Depending on your speech skill, the price should come to between 1200 and 800 Septims. This is hopefully not too high, but balanced, since I didn't want breaking down items to be completely pointless.

This mod also has an optional file to buff the Fear, Turn Undead and Banish enchantments to make them less useless. 

How it Works:
The enchantment tomes are added to the list of all spell tomes so that they will be stocked by merchants who sell spells.
When you read an enchantment tome, it will teach you an invisible, constant effect dummy spell. It doesn't do anything except fire off a short script which will teach you the enchantment and give you some enchanting experience.

The books are added to levelled lists, so if you have other mods which changes those, you may need a Bashed/Smashed patch.

Skyrim SE, Duh^^
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (Cause why would you not use it^^)
SKSE (NOT version dependent)

Additionally, for the Summermyst Module:
Summermyst v3.07+

Updating from v1.x (VERY IMPORTANT):
-sell the tomes you still have in your inventory, to get back as much Septims as possible (or cheat, whatever you prefer)
-save and quit game
-deactivate mod, start game, load save, save and load that savegame
-save again and quit the game again (making it 2 saves without the mod, the latter is the important one)
-use Fallrim Tools to clean the second savegame, you just made, of mentions of the "EnchantmentTomeScript", it shouldnt be more than 2-3.
-save the edited savegame and move your backup somewhere else (they both appear the same in the games loading menu...
-activate new version of the mod and have fun.

What are you still reading for? Oh. You're waiting for a demonstration (Updated V2.2)