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Thematic and Practical is a mod that aim to provide new constructible objects for your workshop. The plan is to update it with new themes during the developement.

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Alpha 1.3

Thematic and Practical
is a mod that aim to provide new constructible objects for your settlements. The plan is to update it with new themes and add new objects to them during the developement. There is also an holotape that allows you to customize some of the mod settings.

The objects can be found in their own custom categorie of the workshop menu. It should be in the last categorie on the right after the install.

Warning : Most mashups furniture mods are "budget intensive" on your settlement, you can use mods to increase it if this become an issue.

The "Caravans Update" for the Trading Emporium category add a new way to manage the Caravans visiting your settlement. You will no longer be limited to one caravan trading post attracting  four traders, each off them are now attracted by their own object. The same apply to their brahmins and guards.

The new caravan trading posts also have an happyness rating of 5 and an income rating of 2

You'll need to unlock the vanilla caravan trading post for the objects to appear in your workshop menu, or use the cheat option in the setting holotape.

"Brotherhood" let you build BOS structures made from scratch using the same technics as the Trading Emporium ones. I will expand it by adding
new structures and furnitures in the futur.

Unlocked like the BOS Flag, by joining the Faction. Or by completing one of those quests "Airship Down", "Rockets' Red Glare", "With Our Powers Combined" Or by using the cheat option provided in the settings holotape.

"Trading Emporium" add new meshes for stores and some really usefull new structures. (Foundations, roof, walls etc...) The goal with this theme is to improve and expend the vailla store system.

"Scavenger" provides a collection of new objects including new beds, chairs, tables etc ... These are not vanilla objects made constructible. They are static mashups made by hand. You will also find a decoration categorie which adds some vanilla items in order to improve the scavenger feel of your settlement.

Thematic and Practical "Optional File" currently adds alternative Raider shops based on those from the Trading Emporium Update and a few
decoration items.

The complete list of objects and features of Thematic and Parctical can be found here.

Before uninstalling the mod, please use the settings holotape provided when you installed it. If you can't find the holotape in your inventory, you can craft it at the Chem-Station.

"[Settings] Thematic and Practical Holotape -> Tools -> Uninstall Manually"

It should disable the custom menu right away. Then you can go and uninstall it.

Also note that it is advised that you delete all the furniture you placed with the mod before uninstalling.

  • Since the Caravan update, the mod might have compatibility issue with anything that modify the Story Manager Quest Node "CaravanPCSettlementVisit"
  • If you start a new game with the mod installed during the prologue (Pre-War + Vault before finding the pipboy) The settings holotape will fail to be added in your inventory. You can craft it at the Chem-Station after exiting the vault tho'. I'll try to fix it for the next update.
  • The top bunkbeds are considered outside when placed to close to the roof, this issue is from the game itself, if it bother you, install this mod.
  • Cinder Blocks project some wird shadows, this is a vanilla FO4 issue, i didn't find a workaround yet..
  • Vanilla stairs attached to "Trading Emporium" foundations are a little bit buggy in some situations but no biggy, you can use vanilla flooring to attach your stairs if it bother you to much. Or use one of the Trading Emporium custom stairs.
  • I used a tricky way to navmesh the store walls, it's effective when placed on flooring but will not work at all if placed directly on the ground.

  • Telling people that no, this mod ain't broken
  • Answering no to Beth.net/XBOX port requests
  • Pestering about bethesda and creation club
  • Contemplating Fallout 76 train wreck conforting my decision

Huge thanks to DarthWayne for his Custom Categories Template !

I highly encourage you to use Place Everywhere by TheLich and OCD Decorator by mcface to get the most out of my mod, even if it's not required.

Thanks to Dinozaurz for Do It Yourshelf (Support for this mod added to T&P in Alpha 1.1)

Thanks to Arcticsns for the Russian translation.