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Blueprint of my Castle city. Made to rival major trading outposts like Diamond City and Bunker Hill. Doubles as Minuteman HQ and a Trader hotspot. Includes a caravan stall for Lucas Miller, Cricket, and Trashcan Carla.

Permissions and credits
A Castle settlement that rivals Bunker Hill and Diamond City. Dual purposed as a Minuteman HQ and a large Trading complex complete with 2 market places one for more common settlers and less interesting items and one above the armory for level 4 merchants such as Anne Hargraves, The Scribe, Smiling Larry, And Doc Anderson.

Fitted with a large Tavern with 2 Restaurants One For Ron Staples and a large workstation above the tavern for power armor and various other crafting needs with room to expand as needed. 
just out side the tavern is Vault-Tec's small general store

Overlooking the complete complex is the generals Office and private quarters with the farm and settler quarters overhanging off the sea side walls. 

Most Stuctures are Vanilla Fallout 4 Except for the Caravan Stalls 
most of these mods are not required but best to have them for best results.

Version 1.2 Small adjustments made if you plan to use the new version make sure all old models get nuked fully and cleared out before rebuilding the new version or make the adjustments and changes you want

Version 2.0 Changes to Farm, Workshop, Generals Quarters, And Armory. Added a third general store for Rylee up in the level 4 trader room along with a staircase for quicker access.

Thematic And Practical
OCDecorator: Recommended but not needed as there is very few used resources from this mod
Northland Diggers
Filled Weapon Displays
Filled Diner Counters
Crafting Work Benches
Build Your Own Pools: For the Showers
Atom Bomb Pinup Paintings:
Armour Tables
Unlimited Settlement Budget: Needed for the Massive size :Required:
Settlement Supplies Expanded And Its SKE Patch
Place everywhere
Craftable Cherry Blossom Trees
Craftable Birch Trees
Modular Simonov PTRS-41: used for the turrets
Militarized Minutemen
We Are The Minutemen

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