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A unique farming and fishing settlement with a connecting foot bridge to the Castle.

Permissions and credits
This is a single level city plan (it won't upgrade) It was designed solely to be used with the Conqueror pre-build system as it crosses multiple cells so building it from the city managers desk will cause objects furthest away from the player to not be placed correctly.

Requires Version 4.2.4 or Greater of Sim Settlements

Settlement: Spectacle Island

Levels: 1
Balanced: No
File Type: esl

Required DLC

Required Mods
Sim Settlements
Workshop Rearranged
G2M - Workshop
Thematic and Practical

Recommended Mods

Sim Settlements Mega Pack - Year One
Raider Refugees

Population: 11
Residential plots: 2
Industrial plots: 1
Commercial plots: 1
Recreational plots:1

The bridge is just workshop pieces so they will load/unload from view depending on the players distance from them. There is a possibility that some of the pieces of the bridge closest to the castle may disappear altogether, this can be caused by cells around the castle being reset by the main quest. If this happens just refresh the city plan and they will reappear. 

Many thanks to Kinggath for giving us these wonderful tools to design these city plans.
Also, thanks to the workshop mod authors for their brilliant mods.