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It's a blueprint, of Starlight Drive In

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Hello, and welcome to Starlight Boulevarde, a large-ish (3435 items) fully equipped, fully self sufficient, mostly decorated blueprint for Starlight drive in.


36 beds, with enough food and water for a modest surplus
A full range of crafting benches
Tier 3 shops for all types of vendors. Five food and drink vendors in total
A surgery chair, a barber chair, several weight benches, a soda fountain, a phoropter, 4 slot machines, two decontamination arches, a bobblehead stand, several magazine racks,  an eyebot pod, a Brahmin and maybe some other things I've forgotten.
Numerous workstations from the NorthlandDiggers Resources mod
500+ defense, including two artillery pieces, two junkyard dogs (if you import them) and numerous guard posts.


The site was cleared with the help of Scrap Everything.
You should scrap
    All of the "obvious" junk i.e. cars, trees, bushes, chain link fences, lampposts, bollards, skeletons etc
    The stools near the diner
    The small billboard in the south-east west corner
    The jagged edges around the water

You should not scrap
    Any other road/floor surfaces
    The water
    The diner
    The shack containing the workbench

Everything else is up to you, including the screen (which is untouched) and the power pole in the south-east west corner (which has been built around).

The blueprint uses slot 47.