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Some SMM menus for various workshop object mods to make them easier to find and declutter the vanilla menus. At last count, there are 45 SMM patches on this mod page.

See the posts section for the latest releases.

Permissions and credits
This started as a few lowkey quality of life mods for mine and some friends' games to make settlement building a little easier with SMM menus.  Now it's blown up into a full SMM menu library.  These patches move mod-added workshop objects from the vanilla menus into their own standalone SMM menu categories (and a few other minor changes noted below).  The goal is to declutter a player's vanilla menus and make items easier to find.

The files are flagged as ESL to keep down your mod count. 

See the posts section for the latest releases.

Please remember to endorse the mod.  I live solely on a diet of mod endorsements!

Compatability and Issues
These SMM patches MIGHT be incompatible with a mod that directly edits vanilla workshop menus.  This is true for any mod that adds script-injected menus into the game.  Let me know if you run into incompatibility problems with any of them.

If you are replacing an old SMM patch from another user (or from me), with a new SMM patch, you may need to run the SMM menu rescue to fix your menus.

List of Patches (alphabetical order)

See the posts section for other mods that I'm currently looking to potentially add to this list.  I won't be taking any additional requests going forward.  And since a few folks have asked already, let me add that I won't take on Workshop Rearranged.  It's a great mod but the menu edits are very complicated.

I will not be adding a FOMOD installer to these mods.  Personally, I think it would be a horrible experience for mod users to have to uninstall and reinstall the whole set of mods every time I published a new file or corrected an existing one.  Also, I really don't have any interest in learning how to build an installer.

These patches are only possible because of Settlement Menu Manager (SMM) by CADPNQ.  A great mod that add's sanity back to settlement building.

Also thank you to damanding for her help and guidance.