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Some SMM menus for various workshop object mods to make them easier to find and declutter the vanilla menus. At last count, there are 24 SMM patches on this mod page.

Permissions and credits
I made some lowkey quality of life mods for mine and some friend's game to make settlement building a little easier with SMM menus.  They move mod-added workshop objects from the vanilla menus into their own standalone SMM menu categories (and maybe a few other minor changes).  Most of them are single-level menus but a few have sub categories.  At last count, there are 24 SMM patches on this mod page.

- Added Minutemen Propaganda Posters and G2M Fish Farm Stuff
- Added Skyscraper Building Pack and Scrappy Signs
- Added HeroicPie's Props
- Added Bunker 1 Container Cloud Storage, The Master Plan, Cerruti & M4k4rov US Modern Vehicles Pack, Nuka Cola Refrigerated Display Cases, and Old World Radio Boston
- Added Hex Homes and Border Junk

These files are flagged as ESL to keep down your mod count.  Please endorse remember to endorse the mod.  I live solely on a diet of mod endorsements!

Arcade terminals by Pra (also removes holotape requirement)
Army Objects by Cerruti (Discord mod)
Border Junk by Ethreon (updated with corrections)
Bunker 1 Container Cloud Storage by Jpitner

Busy Settlers by Despy
Colored Workshop Lights by MM137 (updated with corrections)
G2M Fish Farm Stuff g2mXagent
Heaven's Pleasure To Burn Paintings by Heaventhere
HeroicPie's Props by HeroicPie (Discord mod)
Hex Homes by Ethreon

Just Debris by Scanthecat
King's Paintings by King69_666
Minuteman Propaganda Posters by Welcome2stonia
Modern US Military Vehicles by Cerruti and M4k4rov (Discord mod)
Nuka Cola Refridgerated Display Case by NightShade
Old World Radio - Boston by Brandoman  (also includes ESP replacer of original mod to remove SKE dependency)
Pinup Personal Paintings by Nkrog
Realistic Bar Items by Fennix88
Renovated Furniture by Aesfocus  
Scrappy Signs by eskanonen (ESP replacer to remove SKE dependency and SMM patch)
Settlement Armory with Rifle and Handgun Racks by MM Destiny
Skyscraper Building Pack by EyeOfDaedalus
Special Shelves by Cerruti (Discord mod)
The Master Plan by Ethreon (also removes direct edits to vanilla menus; this specific patch might conflict with Workshop Rearranged, use at your own risk)

I might take requests for other workshop object mods if they aren't too complicated.  And since a few folks have asked already, let me add that I will likely not take on Workshop Rearranged.  It's a great mod but the menu edits are very complicated.

Note about incompatibility - These SMM patches MIGHT be incompatible with a mod that directly edits vanilla workshop menus.  This is true for any mod that adds script-injected menus into the game.  Let me know if you run into incompatibility problems with any of them.