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this is my first settlements transferblueprint build

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My Castle Blueprint build 

Its my first official big build where i went over the max a little 

If you have any problems with the AI pathing just wait a couple of hours ingame
for people who have not done the old guns Quest there will be some floor panels in the way of the entrance of the cellar and armory 

So i would advice to do the Quest first and then transfer my settlement

First and foremost youll need to download the mods i have used for my settlement build 
It is listed in side the file itself with a text readme but for this time i will add them on the description aswell

1 . Creative Clutter
2 . Do it yourshelf3 . Generator Fusebox4 . Half width shackwalls5 . Increase Build Limit enchanched 4k6 . Minutemen Morale Pack7 . Not your average Neon7 . Power conduits and pylons - increase power radius8 . Renovated furniture - renovated furniture 5.1 loose files 9 . Snappable guard posts10. Snappable junk fences11. thematical and practical - workshop settlements12 .Every USO mod Add That Aswell on
Make sure to have these mods installed or else you will have floating furniture in your settlement