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City Plan for Sim Settlements - Rise of the Commonwealth. Abernathy Farm Plane Crash. Lots of seating available.

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Requires Version 3.1.4 or Greater of Sim Settlements

Settlement: Abernathy Farm

Levels: 3 (plus foundation)
Balanced: Yes
File Type: ESL or ESP

Required DLC

All DLC's

Required Mods

Sim Settlements
Sim Settlements - Rise of the Commonwealth
Sim Settlements - Industrial Revolution
G2M - Workshop

Recommended Addon- Packs for best experience
IMP - Invisible Marker Pack
Sim Settlements - IDEK's Logistics Station
Sim Settlements Add-On Pack Classic Shacks
Wasteland Venturers 2 - Sim Settlements Addon Pack
Sim Settlements AddOn Pack - SimTowers
Industrial City Sim Settlements Add-On
Sim Settlements - Jib's Residential AddOn
B84s Themed Residentials
Sim Settlements Addon - Creations By COOTS

Brae's Defences
Sim Settlements AddOn Pack-Junk Town
Always Free Sim Settlements
Sim Settlements Scrappers

After losing his daughter to raiders, Blake Abernathy wants to protect the loved ones he has left. But he's just a simple farmer. Perhaps a builder and leader can help him upgrade his defenses? More people around would help too. Time to bring town life to Lucy to keep her close...