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★ About ★

HUDFramework is a UI framework that makes it possible for mods to add new UI elements to the HUD in a conflict-free way.

Stats, time, widgets... and more! Welcome to a new world of UI modding.


Previously, any mod modifying the HUD would necessarily overwrite and conflict with every other HUD mod. HUDFramework solves this by dynamically loading individual interface mods into the HUD at runtime. It gives modders the tools to load custom widgets and communicate with their widgets.


1. Click Download with Manager to install via Nexus Mod Manager.
2. Activate HUDFramework via your mod manager.

If you receive a message about overwriting HUDMenu.swf, then you have an existing UI mod installed. You can use both together by automatically patching HUDFramework into the other mod - please read the Compatibility section for information on how to do so.

Features (for mod authors):

  • Create HUD widgets and modify existing UI elements on-the-fly via a Papyrus interface.
  • Write AS3 expressions directly within Papyrus and have them dynamically evaluated in Scaleform.
  • One framework for both PC and console. HUDFramework benefits from, but does not require F4SE - you can bring your UI mods to consoles.

Usage Examples:

Retrieving a reference to HUDFramework:
HUDFramework hud = HUDFramework.GetInstance()

Load UI Widget:
hud.RegisterWidget(Self, "MyWidget.swf", 100, 100)
➲ hud.LoadWidget("MyWidget.swf")

Communicate with UI widget:
hud.SendMessage("MyWidget.swf", UpdateResourceBar, 100)

Show/hide compass:
hud.Eval("hud.BottomCenterGroup_mc.CompassWidget_mc.visible = false;")

What's Possible:

  • On screen clock showing in-game/real time
  • Companion status widget (view health and stats)
  • Survival stats widget (hunger, sleep, thirst)
  • Custom crit meter outside VATS
  • Weapon wheel
  • Companion wheel
  • Custom crosshair
  • Hide specific UI elements
  • Quest-specific UI elements, such as a radar, minimap, or a timer counting down to detonation
  • ...and more!

If you want to see more examples of what is possible with UI mods, see the supported modlists for UI frameworks for previous Fallout games.


A DEF_UI patch is provided in the Files section.
If you are using any other mod that replaces HUDMenu.swf, you need to merge HUDFramework with the other mod's HUDMenu.swf. This is an automated process - the HUDFramework Auto-Patcher is able to automatically inject HUDFramework into any HUDMenu.swf. In fact, this release itself is an auto-patch performed on the vanilla HUDMenu! Get the auto-patcher in the Files section - instructions are included in the download.

Credits and Acknowledgements:

BISE Scripting Engine for making dynamic AS3 evaluation possible.
RABCDASM for nondestructive SWF disassembly and assembly.
F4SE for Scaleform logging.