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Minutemen Haven

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Welcome to the land where lore Friendly and immersion go to die.  Yeah this really ain't something where you'll find those words.

So I converted The Minutemen Castle into what I'd consider a Fancy Town run by the Minutemen. I'd say it runs in the same way as Diamond City, The minutemen guard the perimiter as well as within the Town itself but it is not simply a Minutemen HQ, as there are traders, settlers, even runaway slaves that came to the Minutemen Haven to begin life anew and free from the horrors of the wasteland.

YES, indeed. To get everything you see on the screenshots to appear properly there are quite a few MUST HAVE mods you need. This is literally my first ever mod so here goes nothing in helping you out (bet your feeling confident aren't you..........)....................

Mods Needed:

Transfer Settlement Blueprints (Required to load the blueprint)

Clean Shacks (A MUST, without this, I can only imagine the horror that awaits you)

Better Stores (All stores use this mod)

SSEX (Again a MUST)

Optional but recommended:

Armorsmith EX

Alternative Settlements

Sim Settlements (6 Houses Require this mod otherwise it will be blank)

Filled Shelves (Adds clutter throughout the settlement)

Do it yourself Clutter for shelves and bookcases

Warehouse Shelves (Used for the minutemen Storage space under the settlement)

Crafting Workbenches

Wooden Prefabs Ex (Adds Huge Guard Tower)

Minutemen Overhaul (retextures for the minutemen outfits, flags, power armor

PTRS Sniper Rifle (Adds PTRS Turrets)

DLC'S NEEDED: None BUT Wasteland Workshop IS used to make the blue lights, so without it you won't have them.

WHY is the Hotel Building Called "Lauren's Hotel"?

Because The woman I put in charge of the bar there just happened to be called Lauren, that's literally it

Where's your Hospital or Clinic?


The platforms between each artillery gun isn't the same as the ones in the screenshots, they're not smooth concrete, what gives?
Obviously a mod has changed this and I have frantically tried to find it again or something similar however the mod in question seems to have been taken down as all I get is error messages but I have TRIED to ask the author if I can re-upload it as I still have the files obviously, so sorry about that guys

I'd really love to hear what you think of the place, even if it's to tell me "God dam what a dump" it's still feedback IMO. Thanks Guys for viewing.

Side note:

I try to be funny, I'm like that, sometimes it goes well, other times it's an absoloute Fallout (Facepalms on a postcard please)

I'm going to create and publish actual Lore friendly settlements on this scale very VERY soon, so hopefully you'll keep a tiny eye on me, pweeze;) Currently creating a Lore Friendly Hangman's Alley settlement