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Switch weapon firing mode instantly using a hotkey.

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Switch weapon firing mode instantly using a hotkey. Selective fire weapons are now a possibility. This mod modifies the weapon internally to switch between semi auto, burst and auto (It does not change the receiver). It even works on weapons that are not meant to be automatic such as snipers. Please, watch this video for a demonstration of what this mod can do. This mod is still in beta, expect bugs and use it at your own risk.

Mod Requirements:

- F4SE


I cannot guarantee at this moment that this mod will work with all modded weapons. The mod modifies weapons internally using F4SE thus it should be theoretically compatible with any mod but I haven't done enough testing to verify this.

Balance and Audio Concerns:

In vanilla FO4, automatic weapon receivers have property modifiers that reduce the weapon's damage. Currently, this mod doesn't respect this meaning if you switch a weapon's firing mode that has a semi auto receiver to auto, it will not have its damage reduced. Although, I support the idea that semi auto and full auto weapons should do the same damage and that Bethesda's team implemented the armor system incorrectly, I will still respect Bethesda's balance design. My modding experience is limited but I will try to implement a system that reduces the damage of semi auto weapons(when switched to auto) and make it as an optional feature.

As for the audio issues, it wasn't intended for semi auto weapons to become auto weapons on the spot or vice versa. I have experienced some audio bugs and weapons' firing sounds being messed up when I was testing the mod. I tried as best I can to fix them but I am pretty sure I won't be able to fix them all. You'll have just to accept the fact that some weapons sound off while using this mod until I do more research and come up with a solution.

Before You Ask Me:

- Why is the weapon unequipped/equipped when I switch firing mode?

It seems that modifying the weapon's data isn't enough to notify the game that this weapon is now auto/semi auto. Some audio component from the game still retains the state of the previous weapon. Here's an example video without the equip/unequip functionality showing an audio bug that happens when a weapon is switched from auto to semi auto.

- The mod doesn't work for the gauss rifle or weapons that are only automatic such as the minigun or submachine gun.

It's hard to fix the gauss rifle issue without changing the core mechanic of the weapon itself (hold left mb to charge gun). As for exclusively automatic weapons, there's nothing that I can do. These weapons have been coded into the game only with automatic sounds and I don't have have the knowledge needed to patch them to work with the mod. The same can be said for custom mod weapons, switching will work because modded weapons aren't added to the mod's blacklist but firing the first shot in semi-auto or burst will always trigger an audio bug that can easily be fixed by unequipping/equipping the weapon.

- Burst fire animations are not smooth / Irregular time differences between burst fire shots

The reality of the situation is that I am a programmer, I don't know anything about animations, meshes, etc. Burst fire mode is just the single fire animation played 3 times in succession using papyrus. I don't know what's causing this issue, I tried as best as I can to make it look good.

Future Plans:

- Not all weapons are meant to be selective fire. Add a weapons whitelist and allow mods to register their own weapons to said whitelist. The mod will be restricted to only work on those weapons with an optional wild setting that allows it to work on any weapon bypassing the whitelist.
- Save firing mode of each weapon in inventory and load it correctly when the game loads. Implemented in version 0.3.
- Play custom animation/sound when switching firing mode and support modded weapons.
- HUD widget to indicate which firing mode is the weapon is currently in.
- Optional feature to reduce/increase weapon damage when switching firing modes.


Recommend downloading it from a mod manager. For manual users copy the content of the data folder to your Fallout 4 data folder.

- F4SE Team: For their hard work on adding more features to FO4. Without them this mod wouldn't have probably existed.