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The Oberland Station Blueprint fully decorated, my goal here was to create a base model.

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As I'm sure others have done in making Oberland Station into a distribution settlement this is my version. The Oberland Station, fully decorated, my goal here was to create a base model settlement that can be made to your own liking. No unwanted or needed mods to download and since it's purely vanilla you can use your own mods and make the changes as you please or just leave it and enjoy it as it is. My theme here since it used to be a railroad station was to make as a distribution settlement with a logistics center. 

This settlement comes with a siren gate closing system but unfortunately Transfer Settlement Blueprint doesn't know how to wire snap on the logic gates thus once the transfer is complete the gates will be closed and non functional so to fix this, the logic gates will have to be unsnapped and stored in the workshop and then replaced back to their original position and then rewired, so once after you've ported away and returned then make the changes. Please take note on how to wire them back by viewing the pictures and or viewing the video below, if you try to re-snap without first storing in the workshop it will cause a  CTD. If it becomes a problem you can just omit the logic gates by leaving them in the workshop and replacing the electric gates with manual closing gates. If any questions please ask.  

Comes with hidden scavenging stations. 
Added glass windows to the "Shackwalls and Roofs".

Though not required for this import any kind of environmental mod that would add leaves to trees would set the mood for the large maple wrap-around deck as shown in the pictures and video. The mod I am using which is a small simple mod Rocks And Trees

Logic Gates used 
  • And Gate
  • Not Gate
Scraping and Storing Instructions  Before Import 
  • Store tato plants
  • Store cooking station
  • Store water pump
  • Scrap the fence all of it
  • Scrap all trees and stumps except the large maple tree on top of the hill. 

Logic Gate Wiring Instructions
  • Connect Power to Siren
  • Connect Siren to “And Logic Gate” positive side 
  • Connect Power to “And Logic Gate” positive side
  • Connect “And Logic Gate” negative side to positive side on “Not Logic Gate”
  • Connect negative side of “Not Logic Gate” to Master Switch

This settlement comes equipped with
  • 21 beds
  • 164 Defense
  • 100 power
  • 33  water
  • 2671 item download

  • Enable ‘Import original items (not built by the Player)
  • Enable 'Import DLC items 
  • Enable Nuke marker based items'. (I choose this option as I feel it gives the best successful Import and Export).
  • Enable 'Import wired power connections
  • Enable 'Restore snapped power connections
  • Please be sure to read thoroughly the import  Success instructions on the Transfer Settlement Blueprint  site located in descriptions and the post section as a sticky.

Please don't confuse hesitation in the video as lag as I play with a controller on my PC and sometimes remove thumbs from the sticks. 

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