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This is a blueprint for my settlement at Jamaica Plain created using only Vanilla and DLC objects. The settlement is fully decorated, and I have tried to keep the build as lore friendly as possible.

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I recorded a tour of the build for my YouTube channel which also features my other settlement builds:

Settlement Resources

Food: 12 | Water: 12 | Power: 100 | Defense: 52 | Beds: 10


  • Either install with a Mod Manager or extract the files and copy to your Fallout 4 game folder.
  • Ensure you have Transfer Settlements, HUDFramework and F4SE (including the script files) installed.
  • The blueprint uses Slot 5, if you have an existing blueprint using this slot you will need to move the blueprint .json file to different folder.


Travel to the required location and then import the settlement via the Transfer Settlements holotape, detailed instructions on this process can be found on the Transfer Settlements mod page. 

Before importing manually scrap all objects (see note below), and to ensure the settlement imports correctly enable the following options from within the holotape:

  • Enable ‘Import original items (not built by the Player)’.
  • Enable 'Import DLC items / Import mod-added items'.
  • Enable 'Import wired power connections'.
  • Enable 'Restore snapped power connections'.

Note: The settlement is designed around the vanilla location and uses some objects and items that are normally un-scrapable.  Using a scrapping mod would allow those objects to be removed, so ideally should be disabled when clearing the settlement before importing.  Additionally using any mods that ‘clean up’ the location or alter its terrain could cause the settlement to not import as intended

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