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This is the Spectacle Island that my wife and I built on our first playthrough of Fallout 4. Given the name, we thought there should be something that created a spectacle in this location. This should create a superb base to expand upon for anyone looking to enjoy Spectacle Island.

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A couple of months after the game released, my wife and i began building on Spectacle Island.  The end result turned out to be pretty decent imho for a vanilla setup and, more importantly, actually added the Spectacle back into Spectacle Island.  Since we built this during a very early version of Fallout 4 it will be purely vanilla, requiring no DLC at all.   Also, please keep in mind, we built this during an actual playthrough so concessions were made to build as cheaply as possible; thus there are dozens of 3 point generators behind the Fallout Boy lightbox statue.  I very firmly recommend using Quieter Settlements with this settlement to mitigate the generator noise, especially if you plan on building further in this location.  Another option would be to just turn down the Effects in your game's audio settings, of course.

There should be no conflicts with using this, but I did save it to slot 1 (v1.41+ is slot 19).  Thus, if you plan on using it and already have slot 1 occupied, I would just change the number of the folder during or before installation.  The standard location of this folder is Fallout>Data>F4SE>Plugins>Transfer Settlements>blueprints>1 or 19 for v1.41+ (change this number if needed).

Transfer Settlements has outstanding visual directions on their page if you are unsure of how to use this.  Basically, you will need to install this file to the location listed above either manually or using your choice of mod manager.  If you are using MO2, you can just copy it into the install files for TS or install it after TS.

Transfer Settlements & it's required files.
This would include F4SE, HUD Framework, etc.  

My wife!