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This is my Starlight Drive-In for Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints using the awesome Sim Settlement Mod by Kinggath and friends.

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Attention: Sim Settlements has been updated to include its own plans for Starlight Drive-in, I will leave this mod up for anyone who wishes to use it as an alternative, and continue to read all of your nice comments but I will no longer be updating it. Thanks for all the downloads but this mod has served its purpose of providing a plan while we waited for Sim Settlements to update.

This will be my very first upload to the Nexus so I hope it works smoothly for everyone and it is enjoyed by all.
There currently is no Starlight Drive-in City Plan for Sim Settlement Rise of the Commonwealth so I thought this would provide one using Transfer Settlement, at least until the Sim Settlement Team update their mod to support Starlight Drive-In and add plans to its planners desk, enjoy!

It includes plenty of water, food, and defense, basic shops, a bar, a park area, a greenhouse, a pen for Brahmin, and will have enough Residential plots for 20 settlers for a large and happy community
There is one Industrial plot to the left of the Workbench shack using the Logistical Sim Settlement mod to provide a supply line to other settlements that use it, if you choose not to use that mod then the plot will likely default to a scrap yard instead. (you may need to manually select the logistic plan after import or it will be a scrap yard instead)

I used the mod Place Everywhere to overlap 2 fusion power generators for plenty of power to the settlement, it is located just up the stairs and out on the overhang against the wall, so if you move it or scrap it to add your own just remember you will need Place everywhere or the door mat trick to stack them on top of each other again.

Please note that your buildings will ultimately look different from the screenshots due to the random build plans of Sim settlements, if you want it to look like mine just select the option "Import Sim Settlement Building plots + Upgrades" in Transfer Settlements settings during Import, this should import the plots with the same plot plans I used already selected.

If you are already using Transfer Settlement mod be sure to empty any blueprints in your slot 2 before downloading using the NMM, found in Fallout4/Data/F4SE/plugins/Transfer Settlements/Blueprints or it may overwrite one you have in that slot already, just move them to another numbered folder.

It occurred to me that not everyone will have Spring Cleaning or other mods to remove the garbage and bushes I did to place the plots, so I have moved and raised thos plots to avoid the scenery from clipping through the floors of your houses, Also added a few wedges to close gaps between plots and make it look better.

The required mod list has been updated to include Wedges of the Commonwealth, you can still use the plan with out it but the wedges wont show up and some of the railings will be floating though.