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Various Pre-built Conqueror saved games to get you into the game quicker!

These are from Kinggath's Sim Settlements and Conqueror Mod! I hope you enjoy!

ALL SEASON 1 (2019) plus "THE MASTERS" - Nate AND Nora Builds

NEW!!! Nate and Nora Prebuild for STARTMEUP!!

Permissions and credits
Version 4.0 has Arrived!
(approximately December 20, 2019)
Just in time for the Weekend AND Christmas Holiday Vacation!


"The Masters" City Contest Plan - the Best of the Best - squared off on Spectacle Island!
INCLUDES ALL NEW CITIES PLAN SINCE V3.0 (Warwick, Taffington, Sommervile)
30 new City Plans with Masters - what a way to wrap up the year.

Version 4.0.01 - Set 01 Nora Released with Winner NDCOWDY of Masters City Build Contest
Version 4.0.02 - Set 02 Nora Released with the two Finalists of the Masters City Build Contest
Version 4.0.03 - Set 03 Nate Released with Winner NDCOWDY of Masters City Build Contest
Version 4.0.04 - Set 04 Nate Released with Winner of Masters City Build Contest
Version 4.0.05 - Set 05 Nate and Nora - THE MASTERS TOUR
Version 4.0.06 - Set 06 Nate and Nora - STARTMEUP - with The Masters

Version 4.0.??? - Coming Soon!  Stay Tuned!  Make sure to track this page!

(Banned cities simply means with Quests)



    • Sim Settlements 3-in-1  4.2.0+
    • Conqueror  4.2.0+
    • Workshop Framework 1.1.9+
    • Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch  2.1.0+
    • Settlement Menu Manager  0.1.4+
    • HUD Framework  1.0f
    • (Optional) Sim Settlements City Plan Contest Entries mod - for the City Plan Contest Pre-builds (without this, you get the default ROTC cities without a City and City Contest Plan available)
    •  (Optional) Add-ons are not required as default plots are within SS 3 in 1 (Cities as designed require certain add-ons to have the designer's vision)
    •  (Optional but HIGHLY Recommended with FO4SE 0.6.20+)  Mod Configuration Menu, Faster Workshop, Better Console, Place Everywhere, Workshop+


I am offering these Conqueror Pre-builts to help those who have some technical issues in doing the Conqueror Prebuilts, plus to save you time in waiting for the Pre-building phase to complete - allowing you to get in-game faster! 

I have other mod files here on the Nexus, but will be discontinuing those and use this page as a centralized resource to help you.  Be sure to Track this page as I will only be making future additions here.

Please make sure you visit SimSettlements dot com for all your resources help, suggestions, and support back to the Community.  Thanks to Kinggath and his Crew.

Please Track, Vote, and Endorse this page if you found it to be of great help and value to you.  Leave your comments in the Posting section and if you have any special build you are having with, let me know and I will help however I can. 

Special Pre-builds may be shared with the Community.

Character - Male - Nate (City Plan Contest Entries replace ROTC default city plans)

Check out my new extension showcasing the designers, game players, etc of Sim Settlements and Conqueror.
1) Domacles - Melee Raider 
2) Major Jonas H. Coolwater, US Army, Retired - Stealthy Gunslinger Minutemen Link

Manually download and extract to a file folder in your favorite location (Desktop is a good location). 

Find the version of Conqueror you want to use, based on which cities you want to use, which plans you want to use, etc. 

Copy the file into your saves folder (typical location is "My Games/Fallout 4/Saves".

Then load up Fallout 4 with your other mods you use (Don't forget to launch from F4SE if you use it)

Game on!

Versions 1.0 - April 19 2019
Initial Release - City Plan Contest covers up to March 2019 contest

  • Conqueror - Default Cities - Default Prebuilt settings - 4 levels, 4 Pre-builts - Level 0, 1, 2, 3 (optional file not needed)
  • Conqueror - Default Cities - Random Prebuilt Generator - 4 levels, 4 Pre-builts - Level 0, 1, 2, 3 (optional file not needed)
  • Conqueror - City Contest Entries - Default Cities - Default Prebuilt Settings - 4 levels, 4 Pre-builts - Level 0, 1, 2, 3 (Default Cities + Red Rocket - all cities in the Contest mod - Winners and Finalists and all entries - randomly selected)
  • Conqueror - City Contest Entries - Winner's Circle - Contest Winner Plans replace default ROTC plans - 4 levels, 4 Pre-builts - Level 0, 1, 2, 3 (RED ROCKET ADDED TO CITIES LIST
  • Conqueror - City Contest Entries - Finalist Showcase 01 - 1st pack where the Finalist entries are showcased and replace the default ROTC plans - 4 levels, 4 Pre-builts - Level 0, 1, 2, 3 (RED ROCKET ADDED TO CITIES LIST)

Note:  There will be more finalist showcase packs in the future as there are more finalists and contributors than winners.  So I will have to wait for the next City Plan Contest mod file so I can put these in a follow-up pack to ensure a good mix of all the cities, and not just same builds with 1 or 2 cities only changed.

Update - May 17, 2019
I added a small resource generator to the optional files - based on vanilla generator - give 10 food, 10 water, Wireless Radiation Power, and 100% Happiness (a few in game days if not immediate).  ESL tagged ESP so doesn't count towards the 254 limit.  Load after all your build mods or the standard generator in those will overwrite all the added qualities. (oh, and not indestructible, but close)  I use this to start my settlements as I don't want to battle happiness or hamper my settlements or plots to upgrade.  Enjoy.

Version 2.0 - June 2, 2019
Will catch the remaining Finalists and Other Entries as well as new entries for the next months!  Plan is to upload V2.0 after March & April Entries are included. Lite files, problematic cities removed for improved stability.

1) NOTE:  I have listed in the requirements all the Add-On Packs I can find.  They are NOT required just to simply play Conqueror.  I have listed so you can easily reference the other Add-On's with a Click on link.  Remember, after these Conqueror Cities are built, if you want the Designer's Choice of plots, you have to enter Tools>Gameplay Options>City>Designer's Choice, as well as have all the Add-On packs that would be required.  I simply install all of them myself - but that is a personal choice.
2) Version 2 will include skipping Pre-War and you will be placed at the Vault Door Control Panel.  Another time saver to just get in the Game.
3) Version 2 has been reduced to 20 settlements in total.  With the base game engine, and large load orders of players, there are some problematic areas and in order to provide the best stability to you, I have eliminated Far Harbor settlements, Jamaica Plains, Bunker Hill, and Starlight.
4) Contest winners and finalists are all represented in these files for Version 2.
5) Going forward, I will only be doing Level 3 cities.  This will improve in-game performance as the only load to the game will be the cities functioning and not building/refreshing/recruiting/etc.  The script load will be less, as well as what occurs while you are just playing the game.
6) BONUS:  I have also included the base file at the Vault Door Control Panel with only the UnOfficialFallout4 Patch installed.  This way you can do your own Conqueror Pre-build and skip the Pre-War/Vault gameplay.  Another way to get into game quicker.
7) Regarding character sex - I use Nate Male.  If you want female, activate the vault door, wait for the elevator to come down and pause for a few to let the vault scripting to complete.  In console, Type "Player.sexchange" … setup your female player SPECIALS and Name.  Enter the elevator and change your looks.  Exit the Vault - play game and ENJOY!

Version 3.0 - August 23, 2019

This will bring up-to-date the City Contest Plans from the very beginning to last contest Winners & Runner Ups for June 2019.

I have made 4 versions, all level 3 cities fully built and with full settlers.  This reduces script load while you are simply just playing.  Four versions - full 30 settlements, lite version of 20 settlements, Outcasts: Survival, and Unique Vanilla Settlers.  I have excluded all DLC Conqueror Settlements as well in the lite versions.  And by DM requests, the character is Nora.

a) full 30+ settlement version - including DLC settlements (top end computer and optimizations required)
b) lite version of 20 settlements - no DLC and removal of "problematic" settlements for a better gaming experience.
c) Outcasts: Survival (lite) - built in settlements with no people (vanilla unique settlers).  Ex. Coastal, Red Rocket, Sunshine Tidings, etc. (14 settlements)
d) Unique Vanilla Settlements (lite) - built only in settlements with people (vanilla unique settlers).  Ex. Abernathy, Tenpines, Oberland, etc. (10 Settlements)

Version 4.0 - December 20, 2019
Wrap up of Season #1 of 2019 of City Contest Plans - INCLUDING "The Masters" which is Spectacle Island!
Nate and Nora versions uploaded.