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Blueprint of a Crappy Settlement Build of Warwick Homestead.

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This is a crappy blueprint of Warwick Homestead. Includes 551 Items.


All DLC's
Transfer Settlements (Of course mungo)
Scrap Everything (Stuff may clip if you don't remove some of the objects in the base settlement)


Beds and Decorations
SnapBeds (Read Instructions)
CREAtive Clutter (Decorations, but cool I think)
Renovated Decorations (Rugs and stuff, Not a substantial amount so very much optional)

Items on Shop Walls and Shop Mods
Armor Tables
Weapon Displays
Better Vendor Stalls
Stocked Vendor Counter Display Cases


Before importing the Blueprint I would suggest deleting the water tank to the right of the building facing the entrance of it. Delete the big water tank, the bridge sort of thing attached to it and the water itself and delete everything all the way to the elevated door. This is why you need Scrap Everything.

You can scrap this after Importing, you'll know exactly what to scrap! lol

Next,this IS PRETTY IMPORTANT! For the moment
In the Holotape included with Transfer Settlements
Turn OFF the "Animations during import". If you leave this on you will be missing random things.
Turn OFF the "Explosions during the nuking of a settlement" Reports suggest that the Explosions may leave marks

BTW Thanks to woodfuzzy for this info!

If you decide to download/already have SnapBeds
DELETE all the vanilla beds in the settlement, leaving them may cause CTD if you scrap after importing.
DELETE the lockers located in the entrance of the big building and the lockers in the left side of the buliding where toys are located

After that the Importing should be ready to go!

If you decide NOT TO DOWNLOAD SnapBeds
You are ready to import

One last step, in the clothes shop there is a big concrete structure, simply delete it and that should leave the settlement looking exactly as it does in the images.

AGAIN this is not an amzing settlement / honestly probably my crappiest (have a few others) so don't download if you are expecting a AMAZING OVER THE TOP settlement.

Honestly I decided to upload this because CDante's simply sensational work deserves so much more recognition than it has gotten so far.