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HoloTime 2, mod of the original HoloTime, is an on-screen clock widget.

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HoloTime 2 is a mod of the original HoloTime.
HoloTime is an on-screen clock widget made by registrator2000.

Differences between the original and this?

1) Added more widget configuration settings and a new time display.
(- Customizable 12h/24h format
- Customizable timebar to real or game time
- Customizable time display to game/real or real/game timing
- Customizable visibility)

2) Changed default location on the GUI and changed size (smaller) to make it less intrusive.

3) Set it to start straight after you exit the Vault.

4) Implemented item "HoloTime settings" to configure in friendly mode the widget
(it will be added automatically when HoloTime starts).

5) Made "HoloTime settings" craftable in ChemLab.

6) Reworked settings menu.
(Menu settings changes dinamically)

7) Managed to translate it to italian.


1) HUDFramework like the original HoloTime.

Other info

1) This mod is based on v1.0 of HoloTime, because there aren't (full) sources of latest version (v1.0c).

2) "No holotape? Why?"
Because I couldn't implement my settings (no source!).

3) "How can I change position of the widget?"
Using HoloTime options menu. Now you can also change scale and opacity of the widget.

4) If you have some issue with HoloTime try to reinitialize the widget through menu option in "HoloTime Status".

I hope you'll like my mod - MatrixDJ96