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This mod adds a number of customisable cybernetic implants that the player can research, build and implant within themselves.

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F4SE, version 0.6.6 or later.
MCM (this is technically a soft requirement, but without it you will be unable to use any implants that require hotkeys to function)

Getting Started:

To get started with Cybernetic Implantation Laboratory (CIL), simply fast travel to the Red Rocket Truck Stop near Sanctuary and follow the quest that begins. Above is a brief video overview of the mod, it goes over getting started with CIL, implants (and their drawbacks) and research:


This mod features six different implants:

Subcutaneous Micro-Relay:
This implant is a personal teleporter that will allow you to blink from one place to another in rapid succession. The Subcutaneous Micro-Relay can be customised to knock down entities around your teleport destination, increase your DR or make you invulnerable for two seconds after teleporting.

Subdermal Ceramic weave:
This implant increases your maximum DR, but can be customised to increase energy resistance, rad resistance, or your maximum health (This last one will help with installing more implants).

Iris Mounted Holographic Projectors:
This implant will allow you to create two holographic copies of yourself when activated. The copies will behave similarly to companions while they are active, although they cannot be given items to carry, nor ordered to pick locks, or anything else. The copies can be customised to frenzy nearby robots while active, switch places and heal you when you are on low health or to become immune to damage.

Psionic Frequency Disrupter:
By default this implant will deal an amount of area damage each second to biological entities around the player when activated, but it can be customised to instead calm, terrify or frenzy those entities instead.

Scavenging Medical Nanobots:
This implant will restore a portion of your health when you attack an enemy in melee combat. It can be customised to also heal with ranged attacks or to instead restore your health over time (up to 25% of your maximum health) and grant the ability to completely restore your health and cure radiation poisoning once a day.

Skin Grafted Forcefield Projector:
This implant will grant you a personal shield that will block incoming damage until its energy is depleted. It can be customised to regenerate faster, at the cost of its maximum energy, to have more maximum energy at the cost of a longer recharge time, or to reflect attacks at enemies while it has energy.

Each implant has three kinds of augments that it can use:
Strain augs - these will cause the implant to take less maximum health away from you, but will increase the amount of power that the implant drains.
Drain augs - these cause the implant to drain less power per second at the cost of an increased amount of maximum health lost.
Functionality augs - these augments will cause you to both lose more maximum health and suffer an increase in the implant's power drain, but will provide functional benefits. Each aug of this kind gives a different benefit than the others of its kind so I have already mentioned what each of them do under their implant's subheading.


This mod also adds various constructible items for assembling a laboratory that will allow you to research and install implants.

Implant Station:
The implant station is the starting point for the rest of the mod, implants can be constructed, customised, implanted and removed here. Before any research on implants can be done, a terminal must be connected to this station.

Research Terminal:
Before any implants can be built, they must first be researched. To research an implant, you must first build its base. An implant base is a larger structure that provides certain functionalities that the implant itself will require. Researching a base implant takes ten in-game hours, while augs only take five (these times can be skipped via sleeping or waiting). After the base implant has been researched, augments may be researched. Augments have three tiers of research, each tier becomes accessible for each augment type after the aug of the previous tier has been researched. The Subcutaneous Micro-relay has a fourth tier of research, but that is only accessible after overcoming a challenge.

Implant bases:
Each implant requires an implant base to function, and each base unlocks a new implant base for construction. Each base has the preceding base marked as a requirement in the construction menu.

Cost of using implants:

Implant stations, bases and the implants themselves all, of course, require raw materials to create, but besides that there are other disadvantages to becoming a cyborg:

Housing an implant within your body will cause you to lose some of your maximum health, this is known as "strain".

Besides losing some of your health, implants also require power to run, as cybernetics are rare in the Commonwealth, so too are the MPCs that they require to run. If you have no MPCs then none of your implants will function, and you will still have lost an amount of your maximum health. Luckily MPCs can occasionally be found around the Commonwealth and plasma cells can be converted into MPCs at the implant station.

Implants are somewhat fragile and as a result should be handled with care. When in combat, if a body part containing an implant is damaged, the implant will also suffer damage. At 50% of an implant's health its augments will no longer function. At 0% the implant will completely stop functioning. Implant health can be checked by opening and closing your Pipboy.

Secret Teleporter Research:

As mentioned previously the subcutaneous micro-relay has a fourth tier of research. To unlock this tier, go to the Ranger Cabin near Sanctuary and look for deathclaw corpses, maybe poke one of them. Good luck!
Ranger cabin location.