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Adds a weapon overheating system with jamming. Includes MCM support and HUD heat widget.

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JD's Weapon Overheating


Increase your immersion levels with JD's weapon overheating system. Sustained gun fire can cause a weapon to heat up and malfunction. As guns increase in temperature they will lose accuracy, range, damage, and become more prone to jamming. When automatic guns overheat they may also cook-off rounds and spontaneously misfire. Inspired by JIP's Realistic Weapon Overheating for New Vegas. Only available from Nexus Mods.


All ballistic and energy weapons heat up a small amount when fired and cool down at a constant rate, so if firing fast enough the gun will heat up and suffer negative effects. After a lot of experimentation I finally managed to create something that works considerably well. Full source code is available for anyone who may want to help smooth out the remaining issues or see how the magic is done.

This is still in the early beta stages so don't expect it to be completely bug free, please report any issues you find. Initially I wanted to use AmmoTweaks as a foundation for this mod so that I could make use of the weapon degradation system from that and make guns degrade at a faster pace when they are hotter like with JIP's mod but I wasn't able to do that.

Unfortunately I couldn't make AmmoTweaks work correctly, so I decided to create something from scratch and forget about the degradation system since it's a lot of effort and prone to bugs. I decided to use perks to apply the overheating debuffs to weapons so that I didn't have to mess around with the weapons themselves and risk making it incompatible with non-vanilla weapons.

There are 3 different overheating levels which are applied by different perks with increasingly worse effects. The first gets applied when the weapon reaches 1/3 of the heat capacity, the second is applied at 2/3 of the heat capacity, and the last is applied at 100% of the heat capacity, at which point the gun is considered to be overheating.


When a weapon has reached its heat limit you will see a notification and your gun may begin to spontaneously misfire if it's an automatic weapon. While in the overheating state a weapon is most likely to jam due to the heat warping and expanding the gun. The chance of a jam occurring also depends on your Gun Nut perk level and your Luck stat, both of which reduce the chance.

Jamming can occur when firing most ballistic and energy weapons and will become more probable as your gun temperature increases. To unjam your weapon simply reload it, you can also use the right mouse to perform a gun bash since your iron sights will be disabled while the gun is jammed. If you don't reload within 10 seconds after a jam the character will do it automatically.


For this I slightly modified the weapon condition widget from AmmoTweaks so credit needs to be given to isathar. I assume that is ok since the permissions of that mod say it's ok to use the assets freely, if it's a problem just let me know. There is also an option in the MCM menu to use use an icon which matches the type of gun you currently have equipped and changes color to indicate the heat level.


JD's Weapon Overheating features a detailed MCM menu which allows for many different aspects of the overheating and weapon malfunction systems to be tweaked and refined to perform the way you want. Customize the position and size of the widget, alter the chance of jams and misfires, disable energy weapon jamming, change weapon heat capacities and ammo heat rates, and more.


This mod doesn't overwrite anything in the base game so should be compatible with nearly all mods. It should also work with most gun mods, at least any where the mod author has used the necessary keywords required to identify the gun as a ballistic weapon or energy weapon. If the gun also uses custom ammo it should still work but will use the default ammo heat rate.


I spent a lot of time trying to ensure that the script would run as fast as possible. It should be virtually impossible to notice any affect on your FPS, there's just one timer which runs every second to apply cooling to the gun and the timer will stop when your gun reaches the base temperature. A small bit of code also runs each time you fire to apply the heating and random malfunctions.


* cannot throw grenade/mine while gun is jammed (right click for melee attack)
* other weapons in inventory may show stats affected by overheating perks
* re-equipping gun will reset the temperature and clear any current jam
* automatic guns may some times fire single shot after unjamming
* on rare occasions automatic guns may get stuck firing when they jam
(think of it as a feature, the trigger getting stuck, just click to stop firing)


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