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Behind the success of Sim Settlements and Conqueror is Kinggath. And behind him, is a troop of gaming soldiers, who have dedicated themselves to modding and playing Fallout 4.

They all have a story to tell. How they play, what it means to them. What it means for you.

This is their story.....

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This is their story.....



Character name: Domacles, or Dom for short
Character Gender: Male
Prime Motivator: Well? He was already a juvenile delinquent BEFORE the war. Post-apocalyptic world with virtually no rules? Yeah, the pitbull's off the leash, and he's got a bone to pick.

Maybe it was because his mother misspelled his name--it should be spelled Damocles. He was a troublesome child from the get-go, and he was an out-of-control teenager, having nearly killed a classmate in grade 11. He was given a choice: go to jail and serve an adult sentence, or join the army. Structure and discipline mellowed him out in the few years he served, gave him a chance at a normal, productive life. College, paid for by the Army, also introduced him to Amanda, his first true love. They married in 2076, just after his discharge.

The birth of Shaun in late summer of 2077 changed him again, and for a brief while, the angry, out-of-control child he'd been looked like a distant memory. He had a family, a home, and a bright future--several companies in Boston were courting him as an IT specialist thanks to his education and training in the Army.

Then, October 23, the bombs fell. In an instant, his world was turned upside-down. Frozen for two centuries, his wife murdered before his eyes, his son ripped from her still-warm body by unknowns... everyone he knew, gone--save for Codsworth, his robot servant.

His drive is anger at the world, vowing revenge against the person or persons responsible for his wife's murder, and the abduction of his child. All of the emotions and temperament he'd long suppressed have all boiled back to the surface, and with the military training he has, nothing will stand in his way. A heart turned to stone, he has little use for people, only what he can get, what he can use. Information, tools, supplies. Otherwise, they're just a walking meat sack which takes up space and consumes oxygen.

(the meeting with Kellogg wherein the SS can call him a psychopath... it would be ironic coming from Dom; takes one to know one and all the rot)

Who would he "win" with?
(The canon answer is no one, really. None of the four vanilla factions would actually work for him, if anything they would all drive him crazy with their quirks. He despises synths--by his opinion, no machine should ever have thoughts of its own... so joining a faction wanting to free them? Uh, no, never gonna happen. The BoS have too many rules, and he's turned off by the military at this point--though their hatred for synths would earn a few points of goodwill, perhaps. The Minutemen? No, not gonna happen, really. Preston's 'saving the Commonwealth' crap would also drive Dom crazy. And the Institute? They abducted his son, murdered his wife, and are the CREATORS of the synths in the first place! Nope, he'd want to see that place and everyone in it burn.)

For completion's sake, though, he has to work with someone. So I have him work for the Minutemen, albeit begrudgingly.


This is an alternative to StartMeUp.  It is a series of saved games based around the backstory of a character from a real life person, one who is a Sim Settlements / Conqueror hard core game player, designer, contributor, or whatnot.

The scenario includes:
1)  16 random locations
2) 4 difficulty levels based on map location in Commonwealth.  Level 1 is NW, Level 2 is north and towards Diamond City, Level 3 is West and somewhat south, and Level 4 is east Boston towards Diamond City.
3) 4 levels of gear, weapons, Power Armor Suits, chems, armor... and some special perks and SPECIALs modified for the level
4) Easter eggs at each location where you "Wake Up"... make sure you loot.
5) Totally vanilla and only mods used are pictured.
6) I realize most have various character modification mods, load orders, etc... this is a loose interpretation of Domacles as played by the creator.
7) Any game play enhancements will be needed if you add enemy enhancements.  These are vanilla armors and weapons - I modified and placed in the world for you.


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