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Behind the success of Sim Settlements and Conqueror is Kinggath. And behind him, is a troop of gaming soldiers, who have dedicated themselves to modding and playing Fallout 4.

They all have a story to tell. How they play, what it means to them. What it means for you.

This is their story.....

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This is their story.....




This is an alternative to StartMeUp.  It is a series of saved games based around the backstory of a character from a real life person, one who is a Sim Settlements / Conqueror hard core game player, designer, contributor, or whatnot.

The scenario includes:
1)  16 random locations
2) 4 difficulty levels based on map location in Commonwealth.  Level 1 is NW, Level 2 is north and towards Diamond City, Level 3 is West and somewhat south, and Level 4 is east Boston towards Diamond City.
3) 4 levels of gear, weapons, Power Armor Suits, chems, armor... and some special perks and SPECIALs modified for the level
4) Easter eggs at each location where you "Wake Up"... make sure you loot.
5) Totally vanilla and only mods used are pictured.
6) I realize most have various character modification mods, load orders, etc... this is a loose interpretation of Domacles as played by the creator.
7) Any game play enhancements will be needed if you add enemy enhancements.  These are vanilla armors and weapons - I modified and placed in the world for you.


Check out my mod page for just the Pre-Built Conqueror Settlements Link

And my other Scenario Conqueror Games
1) Domacles - Melee Raider Link
2) Major Jonas H. Coolwater, US Army, Retired - Stealthy Gunslinger Minutemen Link