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The princess is in another castle. This one's taken by the Minutemen!

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Everyone thinks their Castle settlement is the best. This one might be! 

It's clean but lived-in, mostly lore friendly, and the Castle walls are patched with off-white brick, because I think brick masonry isn't terribly hard to figure out and wouldn't be too hard to find. There's a couple wonky hidden spots along the upper wall above the Armory so the walls I used wouldn't clip through the ceiling below. Hopefully, you won't notice. 

Version 1.0.1

  • Imports 1368 objects
  • Beds: 30
  • Food: 33
  • Water: 100
  • Defense: 171

Non-mod Requirements:

  • You will need something to expand your settlement budget as well as building area, since it does go pretty far out.
  • You need to scrap everything in all the rooms, as much trash and debris as you can get rid of, and the shack walls around the tower (NOT the foundation under the tower, though). About the only thing I kept is the shack over the workbench, and the metal catwalk platforms on the second floor that overlook the courtyard. If you scrap those, you can replace them on your own with some other structure. There's plenty that could take their place.
  • I use Settlement Electricity Overhaul since I'm not a fan of wires. If you don't use that mod, you'll have to wire some stuff on your own (turrets, mainly). I used a lot of lights that don't require electricity, though, and the radio tower has its own mini generator (from Settlement Objects Expanded), as do the water towers (I think), and the consoles in the Situation Room.
  • Oh, and DON'T SCRAP THE WIRE in the north room facing the water tower. May the Game Gods have mercy on your soul if you do. That's apparently the grounding wire that keeps the radio going and it's a pain in the butt to replace. Ask me how I know.

Mod Requirements on Nexus:

Mod Requirements on Bethesda.net

  • Do It Yourshelf Extra Ammo - ammo containers (removed for v1.0.1 as I'm not sure where the mod can be found anymore, and it was causing problems during import.)

Optional Files

Using the indispensable Transfer Settlements Blueprint Editor by DMKI, I made some lighter versions of the above blueprint. The Blueprint Editor is an .exe program that allows you to select certain mods and remove them from the .JSON file, and then re-save the file for import with new item count. I have uploaded these versions in Optional Files for you to use in place of the main one, should you find it has too many mods. Or, feel free to download DMKI's tool and take out what you want!

This Old Castle - Nexus Mods Only version:

  • Imports 1,111 items.
  • Removes any mod requirements not found on Nexus (i.e., Creative Clutter, Do It Yourshelf, Modular Kitchen).

This Old Castle - No Clutter version
  • Imports 841 items.
  • Reduces required mods to the following: 
    • Homemaker
    • Snappy House Kits
    • Settlement Objects Expanded
    • G2M Workshop
    • We Are The  Minutemen

This Old Castle - Structure Only
  • Imports 533 items.
  • Keeps vanilla assets and furniture, and repairs structure, only.
  • No turrets (since many of them would be floating in mid air)
  • Reduces required mods to the following:
    • Homemaker
    • Snappy House Kits
    • G2M Workshop

I tried to get it as clean as I could, but there may be some stragglers--floating walls, objects, etc. Just come back and delete them when you've given the settlement a day or so in the game to settle.