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Nora's Taffington Boathouse by Crimsomrider

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Nora's Taffington Boathouse ultimately brings a cozy, fully interactive and functional settlement filled with activities and life, making it a beautifully small, yet worthy home. Despite the size of the settlement not being as huge as Sanctuary, it does not hinder the settlement in any way, but infact emphasizes the beauty of it. Taffington Boathouse comes fully equipped with all 6 stores, all workbenches, defenses and everything that you'd require to have a functional settlement. It also comes with a kitchen, a diner, a shop, a collector's room, a main bedroom, an office/secretary room, a storage room, a warehouse and a barn. As always my main goal is to make the settlement fully functional and interactive in a way that makes sense and makes the settlement look comfortable to live in. Every room has its purpose and the entire property is a huge playground for you and your settlers. All you have to do is move in and start living.

The unique feature of this settlement is not only the interactiveness with it, but also its power management system with my Convenient Resources mod. All buildings have a power switch box, which allows you to turn on and off power in the entire building individually, allowing you to create a beautiful atmosphere during the night. The main house has a power switch box just as you enter it. The warehouse has two power switch boxes, one for the door and the other for the lighting. The barn has a switch box for the lights as well. If you want to make a romantic atmosphere in the house; turn off the lights and let the oil candles take it over.

The BP takes slot 2. You can change the number of the folder to switch the slot it takes.

OFFICIAL REQUIREMENTS - Mods and DLCs which are required to use this blueprint


Immersive Market Stores by Crimsomrider
Crimsomrider's Unique Furniture by Crimsomrider
Pictures Of Remembrance by Crimsomrider
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) by Valdacil - Gambit77 - AndrewCX

UNOFFICIAL REQUIRED MODS - Mods which are not officially required, but are required if you aim to have a 100% looking settlement as mine.

Taffington Boathouse Renewal - ULTIMATE EDITION by Crimsomrider (completely restores Taffington Boathouse)
Crimsomrider's Convenient Resources by Crimsomrider (for the unique power management system)
Clean Warehouses by dgulat (makes the warehouse cleaner and fully restored)
Clean Barns by dgulat (makes the barn cleaner and fully restored)