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Longfellows Cabin Vanilla DLC

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Hey Everyone! 

Welcome to Longfellows Cabin from the FAR HARBOR DLC! 

This is my rendition of a small but cozy little settlement that feature a bar (what else are you gonna do?), some cabins of all shapes and sizes and even a player home! 

  • I imported and exported this settlement using the stable settings

What you will need:

  • All crafting stations
  • Beds in all cabins 
  • Player Home/place when visiting far harbor 
  • 630 Defense 
  • extra green house for planting food if need be 
  • customizable cabins (not all of them are completed)
  • A small but decent sized clinic 
  • A dual function guns and armor store 
  • Small General store
  • Roughly 1600 pieces 

Download and place the .json file in your fallout 4 data folder (Fallout 4 >Data> F4SE>Plugins>TransferSettlements>blueprints)
Create a new empty folder and place the file in the newly created folder. 
Known Issues: 
May have to move lamps and spotlights to get them to work
Power may be in the red 

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