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A new version of my mod with more centralized positions of widgets. Fatigue warnings included but not tested on survival mode yet.

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Hello everyone,
This is my first publicly shared mod. I hope you will like it and leave a comment :)

This is my attempt to create a cleaner and more centralized HUD preset. I've tried to make it look similar to the modern FPS UI style found in games like Borderlands and Planetside 2.

What does is do?
This preset was created on a 1920x1080 24" screen with almost all important elements moved to the central part of HUD to make it easier to check on health and ammo. I've left the message box on the left side of the screen with some space for it so it won't overlap with crosshair and healthbar. However the message font size has been reduced still a larger message bar will appear when you'll in range of allied workshop or do a quicksave.

1. DEF_HUD framework mod by Valdacil & Neanka *** more info on versions is in the links below

If you want to use the new file version you need to install the HUDFramework first, followed by normal installation of DEF_HUD and my preset at the end!
This way you can use my preset and any compatible mod like Sim Settlements by Kinggath!

2. If you don't use any mod manager like the Nexus Mod Manager then you'll have to manually set bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 setting to this work

This mod is based on Valdacil & Neanka's DEF_HUD and as such has the same compatibility as the original mod.
It REQUIRES game update of at least 1.10.26 and it will conflict with MyHUD, Pleasant UI and similar mods that change default UI.

Works well with:
1. Valdacil's Item Sorting (as seen in the video)
2. Kesta's Locky Bastard
3. Cirosan's Full Dialogue Interface

And probably many other mods as well.

How to install basic version
1. Download and install DEF_HUD mod by Valdacil & Neanka
2. Download this mod file and overwrite DEF_HUD.XML in Fallout 4\Data\Interface\DEF_CONF OR use Nexus Mod Manger to do things for you

How to install HUDFramework compatible version:
***Make copy of HUDMenu.swf in Fallout 4\Data\Interface***
1. Download and install HUDFramework by Kinggath
2. Download and install DEF_HUD mod by Valdacil & Neanka
3. Download this mod file and overwrite DEF_HUD.XML in Fallout 4\Data\Interface\DEF_CONF and HUDMenu.swf in Fallout 4\Data\Interface OR use Nexus Mod Manger to do things for you

How to uninstall
Uninstall DEF_HUD form your mods or manually delete DEF_HUD.XML file and HUDMenu.swf (use copy of you old file or reinstall DEF_HUD)

Future plans:
1. Compatibility patches (if needed).
2. More screenshots - done! Even with video! (oh my <3)
3. Get some sleep or die trying - pending

Planetside 2