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My blueprints from some of my favorite builds.

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My blueprints for some of my favorite builds. I recommend nuking your settlement with the transfer settlements nuke option on import and also scrapping as many scrapable objects you find that could conflict with a clean import. All of these structures should only require DLCs and no additional mods or plugins other than those needed to run transfer settlements (I checked off for the mod to inform you every blueprint needs all DLC but the actual DLC requirements are listed below and are in images). If the import is not perfect or close to perfect, nuke the structure, scrap any potential conflicts and import again. 

All of the latest blueprint updates are now wired transfer compatible. 

Abernathy Farm Airship 1.2 (a.k.a. Abernathy's Revenge): Needs all DLC
This is my biggest build to date. It is a huge airship designed to look like its been constructed out of wasteland junk. I recommend nuking your settlement on import. You may notice that some of the elevators might be missing buttons, this appears to be a game bug with elevators that can happen for any settlement, you can try this mod Elevator button fix to get around that.  

Nuka World Settlement Arcade and Wall 1.1: Needs Nuka World, Far Harbor, Contraptions, Vault-Tec, Wasteland Workshop DLC
A full arcade and concrete wall for the nuka world settlement. Scrap the entire settlement outside of the gas station for perfect or near perfect import results.
Changes in 1.1: Cleared unnecessary clutter, neatened the exterior electrical poles, doubled wall height, XOR logic gated the entrance doors. (Not shown in screenshots)

Longfellow's Tavern 1.1: Needs Far Harbor + Wasteland Workshop DLC
Tavern and fishing pier at Longfellow's Isle. Scrap the east and southeast part of the island across from Far Harbor for what should be a perfect import. 
Changes in 1.1: Cleared unnecessary clutter.

Graygarden Overpass Settlement 1.4 (Most Endorsed and Most Downloaded): Needs Far Harbor + Wasteland Workshop DLC 
This structure goes up onto the overpass at Graygarden. Scrap around the greenhouse (you should be able to leave the plants that the robots are farming)and all scrapable junk on both levels of the road for the best import results. (After testing no scrapping of the stock settlement should be required, only scrap things you have built). If you want a the older version with smaller file size download 1.1. 

Spectacle Isle Resort 1.2a: Needs only Wasteland Workshop DLC
An updated version of one of my earliest bigger builds, it is a resort built on the water at spectacle isle. Scrap everything in the water and on the beach at the south end of the island where the boat with the generator is located for the best import results.These Spectacle Isle Blueprints are compatible with any other blueprints that do not occupy the same space on the water. 

Spectacle Isle Resort 1.2b: No DLC Required
A quick conversion of my resort to be vanilla only. Removed or replaced DLC lighting with vanilla lights.

Oberland Station Outpost 1.2(Best Endorsement/Download Ratio) : Needs Far Harbor, Wasteland Workshop, Contraptions, and Automatron DLC 
Slightly smaller than my other builds. This settlement is fully self sufficient once you run the wires and assign settlers. It comes with decent defenses, every kind of shop, many beds, and a large greenhouse. Scrap everything around the permanent vanilla station and old garden for the best import results.

County Crossing Castle (Newest Addition to the Collection!): Needs Contraptions, Wasteland Workshop & Automatron DLC
An enclosed castle with great defenses that is self sufficient after you assign peasants their jobs. Although this settlement exceeds the build limit, my focus was to keep the DLC requirements and performance impact for this large castle as small as possible, while still maintaining good construction quality and decoration. 
 Scrap all objects except the wired fence around the crops, the crops, and shack that come with the stock settlement as these are incorporated in the design, the ruined unscrappable house ruins is also incorporated. 

Better Windmill Generator 8:
Simple Fo4 edit to increase windmill power to 8 up from 3. 

Individual Settlement Page Links: Links for individual settlements in the collection that I felt deserved their own page. I still want to overhaul my Longfellow and nuka settlements before they have their own. 
Abernathy's Revenge
County Crossing Castle
Oberland Outpost
Spectacle Isle Resort

Tips + Troubleshooting:
 - If Elevators still do not port normally and have misplaced buttons and such: Store/Scrap and re-snap elevators, the one inside the abernathy ship will require moving one glass wall underneath it to snap properly, otherwise both elevators should snap without much work, just make sure nothing is obstructing the elevator shaft. 

- If XOR logic gate wiring for door does not load properly: The door should always open and close when you hit the switch on either side of the door, make sure both the interior and exterior switches are connected to a main power source, then connect each powered switch to the red input on the logic gate. Then attach the door wire to the black output of the logic gate. 

- Frequent Crashing on Blueprint Import: Select stable option in transfer settlements general menu (personally I only run the progress tracking widget) and stare at the ground for better loading performance. Make sure you are running the latest F4SE and Transfer Settlements versions for best stability.

How to Increase Build Limit Without Mods:
To make your own big structure without exceeding build limit, throw guns on the ground and scrap them. You will free up build limit space quickly this way.

You must go to the Transfer Settlements - Sharable Settlement Blueprints NMM site to install that mod and others that are requires to use Transfer Settlements (see that mod page for details).

Next: Go to Program Files -> Steam--> Steamapps-->common-->Fallout 4--> Data-->F4SE-->Plugins-->Transfer Settlements-->Blueprints

Next: Make a new folder inside Blueprints, give it a number (1,2,3,4.....) for a name (Make sure it does not conflict with the numbering of your other blueprints and I also recommend numbering in sequence( If you had 3 blueprints previously then you should name the new folder "4", this works for up to 50 Blueprint Slots) --> download the zip file of choice and copy the JSON file into the new folder.

Next: Import in game the same way you do it normally for Transfer Settlements.

Future Direction:
If any of these blueprints are well liked I will consider updating them and also consider uploading more blueprints.