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Founded on the projection booth and developed in height.

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Settlement built on a projection tower, three floors built above the kiosk supported by wooden beams. 
Metal structures with wooden internal walls.

  • Power supplied by wind generators 
  • Emporiums 
  • Clinic and facial surgery
  • Barber chair 
  • Eyebot Pod
  • Missile launchers and heavy laser turrets individually powered by batteries
  • Artillery Piece on reinforced position
  • Food Factory
  • Over 20 beds in comfortables single rooms
  • Caravan Trading Post


Update v1.1.1.53 (optional)
Adds a concrete structure of Workshop Wasteland dlc containing cages of various sizes except for supermutants, gunners and raiders. 
On the structure a "starlight" luminous sign modulated by a terminal (in the food factory), a
beta wave emitter and the quitting time siren.
Installation of beta wave emitter in game requires: chr9,  rank 1 of "animal friend" and "wasteland whisperer" perk.
Important: after installation deactivate the cage switches (they will all be green). 
Reference page: Beta wave emitter

  • Nexus Mod Manager (Vortex)
Download with manager and install. NMM decompresses the .json file in DATA folder, we recommend putting it manually in Data/F4SE/Plugins/TransferSettlements/blueprints/1... (free numbered folder, remember the number during installation) then it will appear in the pip-boy during installation.
  • Manual Install 
Download and unzip to: 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints

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