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An expansive and vast Vault 88 settlement build using nearly the entire build area and made entirely with Vanilla/DLC assets. Dozens of fully stocked and furnished rooms including living quarters, shops, cafeteria, hydroponics, manufacturing, research, medical bay, reactor, security, and more.

Permissions and credits
_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______


Version 1.2.1 - compatible with Transfer Settlements v1.43: for use with Fallout 4 v1.10.26 and F4SE 0.6.0
Version 1.2.1 - compatible with Transfer Settlements v1.42: for use with Fallout 4 v1.10.20 and F4SE 0.5.0
Version 1.2.0 - compatible with Transfer Settlements v1.41: for use with Fallout 4 v1.9.4  and F4SE 0.4.x.

_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______

After becoming the first blueprint to hit Nexus Hot Files upon its release and then rising to become one of the most popular settlement blueprints on Nexus, this Vault 88 has been once again updated to be even better than before!

Two versions of this update have been added - version 1.2.1 exported with Transfer Settlements 1.42, and version 1.2.0 exported with Transfer Settlements 1.41. Choose the blueprint appropriate for your version of the mod. Of course all previous versions of the blueprint remain available for users who would prefer a simpler or less-decorated vault.

The main feature of this update is that over 3000 junk/clutter items have been added throughout the vault, bringing the total number of items just short of 10,000. This raises the entire blueprint to a whole new level, as it now feels much more complete. Or to use some of the community's favorite terms, "immersive and lived-in."

The other major feature of this update is the removal of all items related to the Vault 88 quest line.  The main Overseer's Desk and all of the Vault-Tec experiments (Power Cycle, Phoropter, Slot Machine, and Soda Fountain) were removed so as not to interfere with the quest portion of the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC.  You will build and place these 5 items on your own as you  progress through the DLC's quest.  Players may now import this blueprint as soon as the vault caverns are cleared of scrap and monsters.  Now you can do the quest portion of the DLC in style, with a fully-built and furnished Vault 88!  If you wish to re-create their original placement, put the Overseer's desk in her office on the 3rd floor of the main atrium, the Power Cycle in the gymnasium, the phoropter in the clinic, the slot machine in the corner by the jukebox in the cafeteria, and the soda fountain behind the bar.

HUGE thanks to everyone who has downloaded and endorsed the Vault and helped it reach this point!  After I completed Nuka World and blew up the Institute, I had no motivation to finish my vault, let alone release two major updates.  The Nexus Mods community's appreciation of this build helped  get me there.  There are some fantastic, friendly, and helpful users who frequent this page as well as on the Transfer Settlements main page and CDante's Transfer Settlements Discord channel.

Special thanks to:

lasse1001 for helping out users on this page since Day 1.
SanityFlippers for being probably the most rabid fan of this blueprint.
GroteGrottrol for testing this blueprint and helping users - including myself - here, on Discord, and on the Transfer Settlements main page.
Izaharia for testing this blueprint and helping me troubleshoot on Discord
And of course, cdante, the modding madman behind Transfer Settlements, without which none of this would be possible.

_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______


  • Created completely with vanilla/DLC assets - no mods required!

  • Contains no items from the DLC questline, so that you can import the blueprint without ruining the DLC quest

  • Huge central vault atrium with easy access to useful rooms

  • Vast majority of building area used

  • Completely sealed Vault - all exits secured with either vault doors or powered doors

  • All areas fully decorated with useable items/junk/clutter/weapons/armor to create that "lived-in" feel

  • Lots of "environmental storytelling" - stories told with props and items, similar to what Bethesda does throughout the game

  • A false front operation in the University Point pharmacy, designed to help conceal the vault's existence

  • Indoor greenhouse crop-growing area for protected food production

  • Supplemental water purifiers added to Vault 88's mega-purifier for even more water farming

  • Mess hall, bar, & recreation area

  • Workshop area with all crafting stations

  • Research and Manufacturing area with junk and ammo production machines

  • Clinic complete with beds, barber, surgeon, and waiting area

  • Commissary areas with all shop types

  • Reactor room with head nuclear technician's office and emergency radiation treatment area

  • Lots of individual furnished settler apartments complete with lavatories

  • Setter apartments now numbered (1-12) to help with remembering which ones you haven't visited yet

  • Secondary overseer's office just for the player in isolated area of vault

  • Functional elevators in 2 areas of the vault

  • Security and screening areas by every major entrance

  • Security detention area with tools for coercion

  • All entrances defended with turrets

  • A few easter eggs for you to find

_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______


*NOTE - Although all official DLC is "required" to fully enjoy the build, this blueprint can potentially still be used without Contraptions, Automatron, Far Harbor, Wasteland Workshop, and Nuka World.  Any items added by those DLCs will simply not be in the vault if you import it without them.  By importing without one or more of the required DLCs, you will miss some things (like elevators from Contraptions, robot workbenches from Automatron, concrete walls and fusion generators from Wasteland Workshop, concrete foundations and decor from Far Harbor, decor from Nuka World, etc.) A large amount of the junk/clutter items also come from the various DLCs, particularly Far Harbor and Nuka World, and those items will not appear without the corresponding DLC.  Should you use the blueprint without Contraptions and/or Wasteland Workshop you will experience power issues in parts of the vault due to missing power conduits and generators, and you will have to replace the elevators with stairs on your own.  It is all fixable and can be worked around if you are willing to substitute/replace missing items on your own, though it won't be easy.  Obviously it's not going to be viable without Vault-Tec Workshop. I take no responsibility for user issues stemming from missing required DLC.

_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______


Prior to installation, be sure to have all required DLC installed.  In addition, you should already have F4SE, HUD Framework, and Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints version 1.42 installed.  

NMM Install Instructions:  

Download with manager and install.

Manual Install Instructions:

Download and unzip to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data

_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______


This settlement installs to blueprint slot 3 by default.  If you want it in a different slot:

  • navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints\3

  • manually move the .json file into an empty folder named with a number 1-50 in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\TransferSettlements\blueprints

  • If you already have another blueprint in slot 3 then you are advised to delete or move one of the two files.

_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______


  • Before you begin, make your way to the settlement.  Be sure you've cleared it of all monsters and scrap objects.  Scrapping mods or the ScrapAll console command should be avoided. Use them at your own risk. Create a new save file.  Not a QuickSave or an AutoSave, but a new save in a new save slot.  After saving, completely exit the game and restart it.  Load your saved game and immediately begin the import procedure. 

  • You should disable auto-save in your game settings before you load your saved game to begin the import process. Be sure you disable ALL forms of auto-save! When you have completed the entire import and post-import procedure, your game should function normally.  At this point you are free to enable auto-save.

  • This build contains nearly 9700 individual pieces.  Be advised that with this many pieces in a blueprint, importing can take around 30 minutes, and that the first time you save after import can take around 15 minutes.  Your game did not lock up or freeze during saving, it legitimately takes that long.  It's a one-time thing, you won't have to deal with it again, you'll have an awesome vault when you're finished, and you should probably just go do something else while this is going on.

  • During multiple users' tests of importing this blueprint with Transfer Settlements 1.42, the best results came from using the following Transfer Settlements General Settings:

    - Rapid Preset, with the following items checked:
    - Animations during import
    - Shut down generators during the power-up phase
    - Turn off NPC AI during import
    - Electricity effects during import
    - Multithreaded script execution
    - Show Progress Widget in Pip-Boy mode
    - Everything else unchecked

  • The proper settings to use on the blueprint import screen are:

    - Import DLC items
    - Import wired power connections
    - Restore snapped power connections
    - Everything else unchecked

  • Do not enter the Pip-Boy while the Powering Up phase is happening!  The best results have come from not being in the Pip-Boy at all.  This is counter to how it worked best in Transfer Settlements 1.41, so be sure you're adjusting your import procedure!

  • If the above Transfer Settlements settings do not work for you, try the Stable preset, try unchecking Multithreaded Script Execution, and try unchecking Show Progress Widget in Pip-Boy mode.

  • In order to restore navmeshing/settler AI pathing, proper crop functions, and make the settlement work as it should, you must save your game and then load the save.  Then travel away from the vault and either wait, sleep, or pass 2-3 days in the game doing other things.  Save and load again and everything should be kosher.

  • cdante, the mod author of Transfer Settlements, also strongly recommends that you not attempt to build or modify parts of the settlement until you've completed the import/save/load/wait/save/load procedure.

  • You will have to connect 2 wires to the main Vault-Tec Reactor in order to power the turrets and decontamination arch near the front entrance and the lights at the top of the main atrium. (The main reactor is to the left of the main settlement workbench).  See the picture in this file's images for details.  The necessary conduits are protruding from the walls right next to the reactor, you can't miss them. 

  • A handful of track lights and fluorescent lights on the bridge in the main atrium, along with a table lamp in the clinic, may not re-power during import.  Selecting and releasing them in workshop mode should cause them to turn on.  Apart from these minor issues everything re-powered properly in the tests conducted by myself and other users. 

  • If the buttons aren't showing up on one or both of the elevators, you are advised to store the elevator in the workbench, snap it back in place, and reconnect the wiring to them.  Place Everywhere will make it much easier to accomplish this.  There is also the Elevator Buttons Fix mod to prevent the button problem from re-occurring, but you might still need to fix the buttons the first time after importing.

  • Some Transfer Settlements users have reported issues with collision and texture tearing.  These issues are not in any way tied to this blueprint.  These issues were not encountered by myself or other users during testing of this blueprint.  Please refer to the Transfer Settlements main page for assistance if you encounter these issues.

_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______


In the near future I plan to upload an update that removes Havok physics from a lot of the junk/clutter items so they always appear where they are supposed to.  Currently, a small number of them have a chance to fall through the floor during import.  The aim of the future Havok removal update is to ensure that all items appear exactly where I placed them.

_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______


All of my settlement blueprints are updated for Transfer Settlements 1.41, which means power connections will work automatically!

Boston Airport Forward Command Center

Commonwealth Alcatraz (Spectacle Island)

Longfellow's Lighthouse

Dalton Station (Dalton's Farm)

Visitors Unwelcome Center

Echo Lake Redoubt & Grille

Red Rocket Clubhouse

_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______


An excellent troubleshooting resource for Transfer Settlements is GroteGrottrol's A Howto Import Problematic TS v1.41 Blueprints.

If you experience a problem with using this or any other blueprint, one of the following is likely the cause:

  • failure to fully read instructions and procedures

  • following improper procedure during import

  • your own particular Fallout 4 configuation

  • a conflict in your own particular mod configuration

  • improper installation of one of the required mods for using Transfer Settlements

  • an incorrectly configured or underpowered PC

  • some combination of these factors

If you are sure none of the above applies, review following list of things to triple-check if you are experiencing problems:

  • Is your Fallout 4 fully up-to-date? (version 1.10, "the Creation Club update," released in August 2017)

  • Is your F4SE fully up-to-date?  (version 0.5, released in September 2017)

  • Is F4SE installed to the correct folder along with all necessary .dll's and other files?

  • Are you running the game with the F4SE Launcher and not the standard .exe or shortcut?

  • Do you have the HUD Framework mod installed and fully up-to-date?  (I did a manual install)

  • Are all HUD Framework files in the proper folders?

  • If you use the DEF_UI mod, did you get the HUD Framework DEF_UI patch and install it correctly?

  •  Is HUD Framework near the top of your load order? (My own load order has the game, the DLC, UFO4P, True Storms, and then HUD Framework in that order.)

  • Do you have the Transfer Settlements mod installed and fully up-to-date? (I did a manual install)

  • Are all Transfer Settlements files in the proper folders? 

  • Is Transfer Settlements near the bottom of your load order? (My own load order has it dead last).

  • Are your Transfer Settlements blueprints installed in the proper folders?

  •  Did you legitimately make it to Vault 88 without console commands and legitimately clear it of scrap and enemies without console commands?

  • Did you avoid the use of the ScrapAll commmand, Scrap Everything mod, or Spring Cleaning mod to clear the build area in the Vault?  These are known to cause issues with Vault 88.  Do not use these to clear the Vault or you're gonna have a bad time.

  • Did you remember to actually import the blueprint after clearing the build area?

  • Are you within the workshop boundaries of the settlement you're trying to import?  Did you stay within those boundaries during import?

  • Did you save and load immediately after a successful import of the blueprint?  The inital save will take several minutes and it will seem like your game is frozen.  It is not frozen.  Let it do its thing.  This is a one-time thing.  After the intial save/load things will work normally.

  • Were you already experiencing instablity/crashes/freezes in your game prior to attempting to use the Transfer Settlements mod?

  • Have you previously used any mods on this save, uninstalled any of them, and continued playing on that save file? (You shouldn't do this)

  • Do you have any other mods that affect the Vault 88 build area?

  • Do you have any other mods that affect anything at all about the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC?

  • Have you attempted disabling all mods except HUD Framework and Transfer Settlements to see if you still experience issues?

  • Have you verified your game files' integrity through Steam?

  • Are you using a legitimately purchased copy of Fallout 4 and the DLC?

  • Do you have your various .ini files properly set up for modding in general and using F4SE, HUD Framework, & Transfer Settlements in particular?

  • Have you made any .ini tweaks that might lead to unforseen issues?

  • Do you have a vanilla save that you can test on?

  • Is your load order properly sorted?  (Using LOOT and crossing your fingers that LOOT gets it right is not proper sorting.  Take the time to read up on proper sorting and do it manually.)

  • Are your video card drivers up-to-date?

  • Have you had success/failure with other Transfer Settlements blueprints? Successfully used a simpler one like my Red Rocket or Boston Airport builds?

  • Is your PC capable of running Fallout 4 properly?

_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______


Before posting about problems, either here or on the Transfer Settlements page, please be sure you've thoroughly explored all of the above items.  I know it's hard to get mods working properly and you want them to just work without any additional hassle or effort.  But this is the nature of game modding.  There will be problems and obstacles, but you must make the effort to overcome them.  I am confident that things will work just fine if you will put in the necessary effort to figure it out.

I want to be clear that this is not a mod, it is a settlement blueprint.  It's not much different than if you download a face preset for LooksMenu.  There is no option for bug reporting on this page.  Blueprints do not contain bugs.  Blueprints do not execute code.  Blueprints only replicate the placement of settlement workshop objects. You can open the blueprint's .json file in a Notepad or another text editor and see that it is only a list of items and their attributes and properties. 

There is nothing I can do about your game's bugs, freezes, or CTD issues since this Vault blueprint is not a mod.  The mod you are using to import this blueprint is Transfer Settlements.  I am 100% certain that your individual issue has nothing to do with my blueprint. I am happy to help with legitimate problems you might have with the blueprint import procedure, but making posts here about "ur mod has bugs and messed up my game" is not only incorrect and uninformed, but an exercise in futility.

The vanilla settlement objects are part of the main game, and that's all this blueprint consists of. There's nothing special I did to create this beyond using the normal, vanilla in-game settlement building system.  In no way did I use F4Edit, the Creation Kit, or other mod creation tools. I used Transfer Settlements to export the blueprint from my own save game and posted it on Nexus to share. 

Users with reproduceable issues should refer to the main Transfer Settlements mod page and follow CDante's instructions about enabling Papyrus logging and submitting a bug report

_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______


In my opinion Transfer Settlements is a rock-solid mod when properly configured and installed, and you just need to have patience and follow the instructions.  I attribute any issues with Transfer Settlements or my blueprints 100% to user error and/or known bugs with the Transfer Settlements mod.  I've done everything within my power and within the limitations of the free time I have to make this blueprint as easy as possible for others to enjoy.  I've shared every helpful tip and piece of info that I can think of, I respond to user posts when I'm able, and that's as much as I can do.

I wish you the best of luck in your Fallout 4 modding experience.  Thank you for taking the time to check out my blueprint.

- Mayaterror

_______ ▬≡ VAULT-TEC ≡▬ _______ ▬≡◎≡▬ _______ ▬≡ VAULT 88 ≡▬ _______


Making your Transfer Settlements experience easier!

Blueprints with this badge are confirmed Vanilla Blueprints which were built using only settlement objects from the main game and official DLC.
No settlement objects from 3rd-party mods or the Creation Club are used in these blueprints.
F4SE, HUD Framework, and Transfer Settlements are the only mods required to use them.

Check out the confirmed Vanilla Blueprints by the following builders:

Blueprint creators who display this badge are part of the Vanilla Settlement Blueprints Association, a group of creators who offer high-quality and mod-free settlement blueprints. This group does not burden users by forcing them to track down and install endless mods in order to import a blueprint.