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Adds a 3D model of The Island of Far Harbor craftable in the Workshop menu.

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This mod adds a craftable 3D model of The Island (Far Harbor). It also adds some craftable accesories to complement the model (all them only decorative):
  1. A table of appropriate size
  2. A bevel, a drawing compass and a topographic compass.
  3. A theodolite (a precision surveying instrument having a telescopic sight for establishing horizontal and vertical angles.)

In this version, the models can be found in a dedicated tab at the end of the Decorations menu of the workshop. This requieres the installation of the Settlement Menu Manager mod, which also serves to avoid problems with the workshop menu if you uninstall my mod. Also, all four variants (two colours, with or without roads) can be built ingame.

The two ESPs of this mod have been flagged as ESL, so they do not take slots in the load order.

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