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Adds 92 furniture items and 85 building Items to the workshop menu. A combination of mashups, prefabs, and brand new models and textures, with a theme of feeling well used and lived in. Requires Game of the Year Edition (All DLCs) and Settlement Menu Manager.

Permissions and credits

Thank you SO much for all of the lovely comments and support, you all definitely make it worth it to go the extra mile when making things and share them, it's been the highlight of my week. I hope you all continue to share screenshots of your wonderful settlement builds on the page, I love seeing them. :)

A long long time ago, I made Scavver's Settlement Kit. It was my first big project, and was made with nothing but me, google, and sheer willpower on a computer that had no right to be running fallout 4, let alone modding it. In all honesty, it was never all that good. I had been in the middle of updating it about a year and a half ago when I had a harddrive failure and lost all source files for textures. Eventually I started anew with a new workshop mod, and I feel like I finally have enough items to release.

The Cozy Scavver adds 92 furniture items and 85 building Items to the workshop menu. You're getting a  combination of mashups, prefabs, retextures, and brand new models, all with a theme of feeling well used and lived in.


You need all of the DLCs, or GotY Edition of Fallout 4, and Settlement Menu Manager. Also strongly recommend Place Everywhere! Items should place fine without it, but some of the items, mainly the rugs and artwork, work really well with the scale to to give variation in the decor. It was used in the example screenshots for the mod page.


Download file, and drop the contents into your data folder and enable the plugin, or let your favorite mod manager do the work.


You can find a horizon patch here (thanks Scarface!): https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/41466

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