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New furniture, decorations, and clutter for your settlement. Adds 129 items to its own menu, featuring 44 ports from The Witcher and 6 new meshes from 3dmodelhaven.

Permissions and credits

From all new meshes, to retextures and custom clutter, I've returned with a load of new goodies for your settlement! Originally I began working on this in 2017, and I picked it back up this year,  this mod has gone on to expand my desire to bring in all new fun items into game. 

  • Settlement Menu Manager
  • (optional)Nuka World DLC
  • (optional)Nuka Cola Collector Workshop CC

Compatibility & Load Order & Uninstall
  • Load after the CC and DLC content
  • Compatible with anything that doesn't destroy the vanilla menus, and other mods that inject its own menu so long as they play nice with SMM.
  • Uninstall information via SMM "This mod uses Settlement Menu Manager to add custom settlement menu categories. This means that you don't need to worry about running a special holotape/chem before you uninstall it: just remove it from your load order and you're done."

Details & Known Issues

  • Menu injection into the main menu
  • Jury rigged collision, surfaces in wrong spot, you can walk through things etc.; please use Place Everywhere
  • Beds are player only, adds nothing to settlement
  • Some of the new items have large poly counts, they'll will use up your settlement budget AND your RAM; these are labeled
  • The Diamond is a WIP, but nearly impossible to pick back up, this is noted in mod
  • Most carpets/rugs will snap to themselves and floors/walls as long as they use vanilla snap points, using Place Everywhere makes this easy
  • Xbox version when the CK allows me to do that, but some things will be removed so you don't get crashes.

This mod was made for me, I have no intention of adding dirty versions of anything. It is presented as is, this means its mostly for decoration and I am aware of the messed up collision. 

Huge thanks to my tumblr followers who voted on the name of this mod and are the reason I even release mods, even if some of them encouraged me to name it 5% Juice.