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If you are looking for a Sim Settlements 2 version, see here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/47848

▶New foundations of all sizes for use with Sim Settlements. Snap points for Sim Settlements plots, supports spawnable foundations via ASAM sensor. 38 foundations between all sizes. 76 Terraformers for each size option with more f

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New Addon Pack now Published for Sim Settlements 2:

Previews for more in the future


Adds custom foundations to the build menu for use with Sim Settlements 1. Snap points for Sim Settlements Plots.

Requires Version 4.1.0 or Greater of Sim Settlements 1
New Foundations:
 1x1 Foundations: 11
 2x2 Foundations: 16
 3x3 Foundations: 11 
 1x1 Terraformers: 76 
 2x2 Terraformers: 80
(Including 4 experimental types)
 3x3 Terraformers: 76
 in total

(More to come, as time allows)

▶(Optional File) -Non Sim Settlements/SMM version

Adds custom foundations to the build menu in a new VFX Foundations subcategory inside Structures for use with Sim Settlements. Snap points for the matching sizes of Sim Settlements Plots. Also includes an experimental 2x2 foundation with custom collision and some experimental 2x2 Terraformers. ESL flagged ESP, so it won't use up a plugin slot. I plan to update to add Far Harbor Terraformers, Nuka World Terraformers, other DLC/CC Terraformers. The number of foundations will grow over time. I've got a method to optionally enable content based on if a DLC/Creation Club is installed, I will use this to allow optional content additions without locking out players who don't own the DLCs/relevant CC. Will consider requests for additions as long as they make sense, and are interesting to me.


I am working on a new Sim Settlements addon pack, coming soon!



  • I use the BiRaitBec Modlist and highly recommend it for use alongside this. It can allow you to be able to build more while still maintaining performance.
  • Workshop Framework / Workshop Plus : Two more new essentials mods from Kinggath including an overhaul of the workshop code, I will be permanently using these on my own game from now on.
  • Luxor's AIOs and his other textures! (AIO Part 2)(AIO Part 3)


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