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Buildable interior player homes. Who is fadingsignal?

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Do you enjoy living in a basement, but 10 is not enough for you? Or do you just want some appartment where settlers won't go through your stuff?

Adds 11 14 18 20 buildable doors which lead to various interior cells. These can be found under Structures -> Not Just Basements.

This mod requires Settlement Menu Manager.

  • 20 interior cells with a workbench and 100 power.
  • The inner workbenches have amost all building options you have on the outside¹
  • Resources are shared with the parent workshop²
  • Each door can only be built once, and will disappear from the menu once built.
  • NPCs cannot enter, unless they are following you. They might be able to enter if you somehow make them "active" the door.
  • Encumbrance shouldn't matter when entering/exiting.
  • When building a door, you will see the outline of a marker, showing you where you will stand when exiting.
  • A button to toggle fog, trash, or pre-placed lights (both light markers and actual lamps). That button can also be moved in workshop mode.
  • All interiors have been navmeshed by hand, with precuts for pre-placed objects. The "workbench" toolkits have precuts, too, in case you want to move them with PlaceEverywhere.
  • Certain objects have been linked to scrap together. Usually things lying on each other, garbage next to objects, or light markers to the corresponding lamps.

1. You can build pieces like walls, floors, roofs, shack prefabs etc. Some objects might still not be available, since these interiors aren't full settlements. You can't build Recruitment Beacons.
2. Items are actually moved into the inner or outer workbench depending on where you are. This is the same mechanism as used in BasementLiving, and probably the only way of doing resource sharing without supply lines.

Rusty Pipe
A tiny underground shelter built in an old, rusty sewer pipe. Barely wide enough for a bed.

Buried Truck
A truck trailer which was buried and repurposed as a shelter.

Sewer Maincenance Room
A medium-big sewer area with a big copper pipe running through it. Has a utility room with a bed and some workbenches.

Sewer Tunnel
A medium-sized sewer area with a sewage channel running through it.

Cramped Shelter
An underground shelter with a living area, a bedroom/kitchen with two bunk beds, and a tiny bathroom.

Studio Apartment
A studio apartment with a tiny bathroom.

One-Bedroom Apartment
Another apartment, this one has a separate bedroom and a slightly bigger bathroom.

Rocky Cave
Just a cave with barely anything in it. Using "toggle trash" here will remove the vines, grass, and fungi, but not the lights, use "toggle lights" for this. Scrapping the fungi will also remove the lights, however.

Cave Laboratory

A cave with various machines in it.

Warehouse Basement
A basement with some shelves and a chemistry workbench.

That small boarded-up tower at Oberland Station always bothered me. This here is a tiny room, just big enough to fit into such a tower, with stairs leading to a 3x3 basement.

Subway Tunnel
A piece of a subway tunnel with two tracks, one monorail train, and an utility room.

White-Brick Warehouse
Basically a big room with a high ceiling. Has some metal walkways and big crates lying around.

Steamed Brick Warehouse
More like a 4-story apartment, might have similarities with a Triggermen warehouse from Goodneighbour...

Tall Building
A tall, but narrow 5-story building. Could be located at Hangman's Alley.

Three-Story Home
A 3-Story 3x3 house (2 regular floors and an attic). Could be located at Jamaica Plain.

Small Shop
A small shop with a tiny appartment above it. Could be located at Egret Tours Marina.

Backyard Bunker
An underground shelter with a bunk bed and a shower.

Cave Bunker NEW
A cave where a small (2x3) concrete bunker has been built.

Cistern NEW
Has a large, circular central room with a pool of water and a skylight, and some smaller siderooms. What the skylight corresponds to on the surface is up to you...

Compatibility/Potential Issues
If used with BasementLiving, you could create an infinite loop, by building a NJB door in an BL interior, and then building the same BL door in that NJB interior. It should be possible to break out by scrapping the NJB door, exiting the BL interior, and trying to exit the NJB interior. This should trigger the fallback and send you to Sanctuary.

If you built a NJB door in a mod-added player home with a workbench and plan to remove the latter mod, scrap the door first. Otherwise that door will not reappear in the menu. In general, use the workshop to remove NJB doors. Don't use the console to just disable them, or anyting similar.

The buildable area within the cells is about the size of the visible area. While you could try to use Place Everywhere to scrap the walls and keep building into the void, I am not providing any support for doing so. Not sure if this even works, the game tends to teleport you to the entrance if you actually try that.

The unscrappable wall-mounted helpers, like Interior Settings, Wall Sockets or the Fuseboxes can sometimes be stored, by placing them onto a scrappable object and scrap that. I'm not sure how to address this yet, so for now, just don't do this. Or if you do, expect it to be permanent.