Fallout 4
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A little mod that adds some large Junk Walls to your Workshop menu.
ESL version now available in Optional Files!

Permissions and credits
New with 1.1:
This mod uses Settlement Menu Manager to add custom settlement menu categories. This means that you don't need to worry about running a special holotape/chem before you uninstall it: just remove it from your load order and you're done.
Added a 9th piece: a large corner piece.
You can find the Wallmageddon pieces under Structures -> Fences -> Wallmageddon

This mod only uses vanilla assets to create some large Junk Walls. They are wonderfully named Wallmageddon01 through 09 with maybe a detail put into the name; like stairs or corner. I'm not terribly inventive.

I put the pivot point above the bottom of the walls so they should work decent on uneven ground. The thought there was to have the walls sink in several feet under the ground level at the center of the wall so that if the ground slopes, the ends shouldn't stick up out of the ground and hover.

A note about SCOLs versus NIFs. To do really fancy stuff, this little kit-bashed set of walls would need to upgrade the pieces from a Static Collection (SCOL) to a NIF. This will increase the size of the mod and make it difficult for XBox and PS players to continue using it as I add on more pieces parts. The drawback to SCOLs is that they cannot be Navmeshed or have many fancy bells and whistles. The advantage is that they're tiny in memory usage. So, I think I'll keep these guys tiny and forgo the fancy.

Huge thank you to @Tinuvia for being my mod-buddy and kicking me in the pants to finish this thing and release it. And for helping me fight through SMM!
@kinggath for the wonderful video and .pdf tutorials
The team on Sim Settlements discord that answered my insufferable questions and tested this mod for my peace of mind.