About this mod

A reupload of my Vault 98 - Vault-Tec Workshop Redux, with many big new features, including a surface settlement!

Permissions and credits

What is Vault 98 - Vault-Tec Workshop Redux?

Vault 98 - Vault-Tec Workshop Redux is a new and improved version of my old "Vault 98 - Vault-Tec Workshop" mod that lets you build a vault as big as you want, as you are provided with massive, optimized buildspaces. Vault 98 can be found in the center of Fairline Hill Estates, where the park used to be.

You will not be able to build any Vault related items until you have finished the Vault-Tec Workshop questline, see recommended mods at the bottom to enable them everywhere without doing the questline.

Due to the way the Vault 111 elevator is set up, you will need to clear the crates from the top of the elevator using the forklift next to it (pressing E on it just activates required scripts)

New features:

* A more optimized cell (I have had to reduce the size of the cave, mainly from the right)
* Shop-Tec, a Vault-Tec robotic system which is designed as a shopping interface for the vault dwellers (located in the Crafting Menu)
* Several new consumables, all purchasable from Shop-Tec
* A new settlement, Fairline Hill Estates, now you can set up a town around the vault's elevator (Vault 98 no longer has a map marker because of this, but this makes no difference to the settlement as you are unable to teleport into Vault 98 anyway)
* A craftable static Electrolux based on vault concept art (located under Decor>Misc)
* 3 new craftable vault signs (located under Decor>Wall Decor>Misc)
* A craftable 'Seal-N-Safe' gear door with door announcements (located under Structures>Door)
* Vault Cola and vending machine (located under Decor>Misc)
* Vault 98 subway station (accessible from the main building cave)
* Vault 98 Subway P.A System
* Vault jumpsuits, child jumpsuits, security armor, security helmets, lab coats and Pip-Boys are no longer located in respawning lockers, they are now obtained by purchasing them from Shop-Tec.
* A load of new craftable items under Decorations > Vault98, including Confetti, Balloons, Banners, the Good Morning window seen in the Fallout 76 teaser, and more.
* A fix for NPCs not pathing through the upper atrium doorway
* An optional download for the blue vault walls, quarters wallpaper, and flooring as seen in the Fallout 76 teaser

* A new huge cave (and smaller cave offshoots) for you to build your own vault in
* The same gear door as seen in Vault 88 (so yes, it opens and closes)
* Working radscanners
* Loads of new textures
* A pre-placed water pump (just like in Vault 88)
* Settlers use Vault-related dialouge
* Vault 98 Jumpsuits
* Vault 98 security armor
* Vault 98 Child Jumpsuits (For use with your favourite child settler mod)
* An elevator that works just like Vault 111's elevator
* Fully nav-meshed
* Vault announcements on the Vault Door Controls, and both the exterior and interior elevators.
* Craftable numbered sliding doors like the ones in Fallout 3/New Vegas
* Craftable Exit Zone sliding doors as seen in Fallout 3/New Vegas

Known Bugs

I've received reports that the surface settlement can be a little buggy, such as not attracting settlers, I'll need to look into this, surface settlements aren't my strong point.


Joplay2999 - All the new consumable textures, blueprint texture and mod suggestions
Ccmads - Craftable sliding vault door with control panels
Phoenix46 - Redoing the subway area, and fixing a lot of the settlement menu icons

Required mods:

* Cadpnq's Settlement Menu Manager

Recommended mods:

* Jtwitham's More Vault Signs
* Emee's Vault structures everywhere (needed if you haven't done the Vault-Tec Workshop questline as the Vault items will not be available until you have)