Fallout 4

About this mod

Build your own western town, create an open air market, or build a carnival style market with the game stands from Nuka World. Lots of new pieces and functionality.

Permissions and credits
Nuka World Shopper's Paradise

This mod now requires that you have Settlement Menu Manager which can be found here. Just download and install via NMM as you normally would. The menu is now located in your build menu.

The saloon and other buildings have had the collisions and nav meshes re-done and after a lot of testing, there have been no problems with settlers or companions navigating them. The only exception is if you use a mod to "preclean" a settlement you may experience issues. I was not able to test with them all and this certainly does not include them all, but just know that if there is an issue disable that mod and test before reporting a bug.  See the change log for other additions and improvements. Enjoy!

Wild West

This menu takes wild west buildings from Dry Rock Gulch and renovates them. Use them as houses or shops, and build your own old west style settlement. 8 buildings with 5 color choices and 1 saloon and barn (no choices on color) gives you 42 options to create your town. Add to that  18 different vendor stands (tier 1, 2, and 3) and a ton of unique stuff to decorate with and you'll be busy for awhile. Everything you need to start your settlement is here.

Open Market

The open market in Nuka World just seemed to be lacking. Don't know about the common wealth, but here in the south there are open fields dedicated to nothing but open air trading. That's what this menu is for; complete with a scrap vendor, clothing vendor, general store, bar, med tent, weapons stand, produce stand, restaurant, butcher stand, and a meat market.

Game Stands

Name says it all - renovates the 3 different game stands from Nuka World and creates 18 different variations of vendor stands. Also has flooring, awnings, custom doors, deco items, and lighted signs - just like Nuka World.

Check out the images for more shots of what is included.

The menu can be found at the end of your structures menu. Its broken down into three sub-menus, but the set dressing menus are pretty much the same throughout for convenience unless it's an item specifically for that set. For example, the hot tub can only be found in the Wild West menu, so you'll have to retrieve it from there if you want to plop it down with your game stands.

Everything, and I mean everything, has been run through 3DS Max, has the correct collisions, including navcuts (to the best of my knowledge they are right) and is navmeshed. However, settlers seem to get stuck next to the sidewalks periodically. Don't know why but they will get where they're going. I cleaned everything thoroughly with FO4Edit. If something needs attention that I may have over-looked, please let me know.

Known issues and other stuff

1. For some reason, settlers will not open the game stand doors in the front. Haven't figured that one out yet.
2. There is a working gallows, but I do not know how to put a  NPC in the noose or if its even possible. So consider it a deco piece only.
3. Settlers will sit in the hot tub, but with their clothes on.
4. Tier 2 and 3 game stands can snap side by side, but not tier 1. It's intentional.
5. There are two deco tables containing mini nukes that look identical. They are not. One will blow you to hell if it gets shot and the other is static.
6. The open market stands only have 1 tier (2). Just too much to have 3 tiers.
7. In the wild west menu, the bar is a welcome mat that you set down behind the bar in the saloon.