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Combines the the invidiually themed settlement objects into one file

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This mod is a oombination of all these mods below. Please click on the images and their respective pages for specific infos.

2.3 The floors and a cabin wasn't navmeshed but is now
2.2 Packed the files into ba2s. Also removed loose files
2.1 Fixed an issue with toilets not appearing
2.0 Redid the whole thing, menus should work now
1.6.2 Did the same thing again but now it works
1.ö.1 Removed havoc physics from toilets and showers
1.6 Four new mods got merged
1.5 Changed collison on old models (Wells, Showers, Toilets) and added new mods
1.4 Added Menu Art Objects and new mods. Also includes ba2 archives
1.3 Added custom menus and  SMM is now a requirement
1.2 Added Bonsai
1.1 Changed a keyword with the Police Station