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A mod that allows you to grow lore-friendly plants for your Vault, decorate it with varied and functional furniture, and expand it with a wide array of fully functioning structural additions, which are now nav-meshed.

Permissions and credits

This was originally a small and simple mod designed for use in the Vault-Tek Workshop DLC, as I thought the idea of growing fruit underground was a bit unrealistic. Previous issues with the mod have been solved and all structural parts have been nav-meshed (if you encounter any pathing issues please report). Settlement Menu Manager is highly recommended.
○ Fungai Plants (Brain, Glowing, Mutant)
○ Planters (Carrot, Corn, Melon, Glowleaf)
○ Seeding Bay (Institute Hydronics Plant)
○ Plants (Glowleaf, Institute Hydro Plants)

○ Bathroom (Toilets, Sinks, Mirrors, Towel Racks)
○ Cafeteria (Sneeze Guards, Water Fountains)
○ Kitchen (Ovens, Refrigerators, Appliances)
○ Classroom (Blackboards, Globes)

○ Better Vault Conduit (x2 radius)
○ Omnidirectional Lights (shadowed and non-shadowed, of custom brightness)
○ New lights (wall and ceiling)

○ Food Processor (allows crafting of many food types)
○ Overseer Terminal backups (detailed information from all Vault-Tec workshop terminals)
○ Vault Experiments (all options for all prototype machines)

○ Walls and Floors (All vanilla + DLC variations)
○ Faux Exteriors (Pre-war textured floors)

○ Download to your mod manager of choice and, if you want, select one of the addons.
○ If you want to run the Main File, or Distributed Categories Addon, or the Structures Category Addon, install Settlement Menu Manager.
○ If you're playing without SMM, install one of the Vanilla category switch options.

○ To run the mod, you will require Vault Workshop, Far Harbour, and the Wasteland Workshop DLCs.

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○ All Assets by Bethesda - no external assets were created for the mod.
○ Wenderer : FOMOD Creation Tool (used for the installer)

Made in the CK. Compatible with Fallout 4 Runtime 1.10.163. Suggest improvements or additions.