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This mod adds the concrete swimming pool parts to the workshop menu. Similar to those you see at DB High School, the Slog and the trailer park.

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DeuxMille's Pool Parts

I always wanted to build a swimming pool in a couple of settlements. Build Your Own Pool has always been the only alternative. And it is a really good mod, but I wanted a more "vanilla feel". So I decided to try to make my own mod.

This adds 22 building pieces to create the deck and trim around as well as pieces to build the swimming pool itself.
You can find the pieces under the vanilla build menu, where the Wood, Concrete etc. parts are (Structures->PoolKit)

I have always loved Snappy HouseKit. And it was sort of an inspiration for me, to have parts that easily snaps together. If you haven't already tried it, you really should. This mod should work nicely alongside with Snappy

Some of the screenshot are taken using CoconutShell's Swimming Pool texture mod.

There are two main files. Choose one OR the other.
A normal .esp or an ESL-flagged .esp

Future Plans:

I have a few ideas in mind, but since I am fairly new to this, I am not sure what I will be able to pull off.
So I'll try to work on those ideas some more before I disclose them. I don't want to promise something I end up unable to fulfill.

I need to thank Robboten for all the help he has given me. Also random people at Discord that has answered my questions.

Bethesda for the game and the assets

Some of the screenshots was taken by hwybee4996

Known Issues:
The outer trim pieces needs some reworking. If you go around corners, they will no longer align perfectly with the deck tiles.
Stair, Trim and Wall parts only have texture on one side and becomes invisible from the other side.
I will try to fix the stairs, but I don't see the need for the other parts.